Hi everyone.

I haven’t been updating much for over a year and I haven’t been watching a lot of dramas lately, either.

It’s with much regret that I have to say that I will be on a indefinite hiatus.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with reading mangas and watching anime. Dramas doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore 😦

I did really love writing up discussion posts and I don’t really want to stop for good. Hopefully after some time, I’ll get back to it again.

Till then, all the best to everyone and I hope everyone is doing good 🙂 ❤

Thanks for all your support and love!!! I really appreciate all of you out there who has been reading my posts ❤


vlcsnap-2017-10-13-22h33m02s432Hello everybody~

There’s a new drama on the Mon-Tue timeslot, Witch’s Court, and it seems promising! I’ve been in a drama slump for quite some time 😦 There hasn’t been anything really good lately.

Anyway, Witch’s Court is about Ma Yi Deum, a prosecutor who resorts to tricks to win cases. Before we get there, we get a short portion where we see a younger Ma Yi Deum with her mother. Her dream was to be a doctor. However, one day her mother went missing and we get a time jump where she is now a prosecutor.

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I was excited for this because I love the casts and I personally like crime dramas. I didn’t watch the original series, so I’m not sure about how the story goes or how good it is. I did hear that it was pretty good from friends, but I probably won’t be watching it for myself.

Anyway, after watching K-Criminal Minds, my personal opinion is that it could have been better. I wouldn’t say the story is bad – in fact, the story is pretty solid. I do like the crime stories involved – it’s pretty good stuff.

However, I’m not a fan of how the story plays out – the story flow or the directing. Each episode felt longer than it should and the drama lacks the suspense of a crime drama. There are also many long lifeless redundant dialogues.

It’s kind of disappointing but I’m still sticking with it. I guess the crime stories are worth the pain.

What I’m up to…

Hello guys!

I know it’s been so long since I last wrote up anything. I really wish I was more consistent, but I’ve been a slump for the past few months 😦

There hasn’t been any dramas lately which is interesting enough and makes me want to write up about it. Or even if there was, I really didn’t find time to do it.

School deadlines…and I found a new hobby which takes up almost all of my free time…

However, I just felt the need to drop by and maybe talk about the dramas I’m currently watching right now.

I’ve recently started on Hospital Ship. I loved the first two episodes and I’m definitely looking forward to more. I’ve also started on Live Up To Your Name, which started off pretty average but the story picks up as I watch more episodes.

Criminal Minds is alright – I do like the crime stories but I wish the story flow/directing was better.

Strongest Deliveryman is pretty decent. I do kind of like it but right now I’m still uncertain about the drama as a whole. I need to watch this till the end.

I’m also watching Father is Strange. I’ve heard good stuff about it, but I was initially unwilling to watch a long weekend drama, but I did anyway. It’s pretty good.

I’ll probably be starting on Age of Youth 2 this weekend 🙂

I wonder if there is a good period/wuxia chinese drama right now? I recently finished Princess Agents and I need another good drama.


I know this was a little bit delayed but anyway here are my thoughts on the series Fight For My Way, which ended recently.

It started out great – witty, funny and i just love the friendship between the four main casts. However, somehow along the way, I got a little bored – the story felt stagnant. It felt as though it didn’t get any more interesting that it already was. It just felt…hmm… sort of dull?

I wished that it got more intense or at least interesting but somehow it didn’t really happen. I wouldn’t call the series boring, it just felt like it could have done much more.

I love Joo Man and Sul Hee. Their relationship is somehow relatable in certain ways, and they’re so cute ❤

Aera is a gem and I really wanted more of her sass. Pity that we couldn’t see more of it.

While it started out cute and fun, I think that overall the drama is easily forgettable. There wasn’t any particular strong subplots in it – just some funny moments which is engraved in my memory like Aera calling herself crazy at the police station and Joo Man saving Sul Hee who choked on strawberry dipped in yogurt. Yup the two best moments for me.

Worth a watch? Well – if you have time to spare, why not. It’s at least worth a try because sassy Aera is worth it.



I started on this pretty late but I managed to finish it within 3-4 days? I wouldn’t say that it’s mind-blowing awesome, but it was indeed enjoyable and addictive.

It’s different from most of the dramas I’ve watched and it has a good balance between action and comedy. Personally, I wouldn’t have complained if we had more action because Park Hae Jin is so hot. And even more so when he’s in action.

Rather than the plot, I was more interested in watching the characters because I find them adorable and unique. If I would say… it’s the characters which makes the whole drama much more enjoyable. The plot on its own wasn’t exactly anything special to scream about.

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I know this is long overdue but I had to do a write up on this because I really enjoyed it a lot.

First of all, I am impressed at how OCN always delivers their crime/thriller dramas so well. And their newest addition to it is Tunnel.

Basically, it’s about how Park Gwang-Ho, a detective, who accidentally travels through time (to the future, 2017) while chasing a serial murderer. There he meets Kim Sun-Jae, his previous partner, Sung Sik, and Shin Jae-Yi and they work together through a series of crimes, while trying to find the serial murderer of the past.

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POV DISCUSSION: The Liar & His Lover

vlcsnap-2017-04-10-22h07m23s723Okay – So I finally started on The Liar and His Lover! (and I’ve already finished the 6 episodes…) 

I took some time to start this for various reason – one of it was because I wasn’t keen on the casts and secondly was I had no time!

Anyway, firstly, I had been unhappy over the casting but despite it, I would say the drama didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. In fact, I actually kind of like it. I guess that’s the power of a good story.

Well – I never doubted the story in the first place since it is after all an adaptation of a manga.

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Drama Slump and Busy Schedules :(

Hey guys!

It’s been a while since I last wrote and I haven’t been writing much on dramas for so many months 😦

I’m going through a drama slump period – nothing appeals to me 😦 Well, nothing is addictive enough for me to write about.

I dropped so many dramas over the past months! Right now, I’m only watching Radiant Office and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I love Radiant Office so maybe I’ll drop by again to do a short write up on it.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has been disappointing thus far but I’m still watching it because I love the cast.

I need to watch Whisper but I don’t have the time right now 😦 Hopefully I get out of this slump soon…..

Anyway just dropped by to say hello 🙂 Hope you guys are enjoying whatever you’re watching ^^

POV DISCUSSION: Missing Nine Ep 7 – 10

vlcsnap-2017-02-18-12h14m53s544And boy look what do we have here….it’s weird but Missing Nine continues to keep me on my toes because I never know what to expect.

It’s funny how weird it seems but I didn’t really like the drama that much at the start but I would have to admit that with each new episode, it gets better. First of all, I’ll say this straight, all of the 7 survivors are alive!

Now that it’s been revealed that Joon Oh is alive, I can’t wait to see what is lying ahead in future episodes.

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