Poseidon Ep 5 Discussion

I’m too lazy to do a recap for Poseidon so I’ll just do a minor discussion. This episode is a little more interesting than the past few episodes.

Some interesting things which happened:

Ahn Dong Chool died in the van, while the coast guards are searching for Choi Duk Soo. Kim Sun Woo is upset.

Lee Soo Yoon’s father is not officially dead. (I always thought he died since we didn’t hear anything for the past episodes). Her father went missing after going out to sea.

The SSAT leader is a….BETRAYER!

And Lastly…… Lee Soo Yoon’s dad was involve in a previous case…..

Bonus Scene for today:

Lee Soo Yoon and Kim Sun Woo at boxing practice. SO CUTE 🙂



I’m still not on the Poseidon’s boat yet and I might drop the drama anytime I feel that it’s no longer worth my time, but for now, I’ll still watch it for the sake for Lee Soo Young and Choi Si Won. CUTE 🙂

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