The Childhood Playmates: 10th prince & Rouxi


(NOTE: I’ve changed the previous title “The Friend who is clueless” to the current one because it sounds better and suits them better.)

Unlike my previous post about how we should envy 13th prince & Rouxi’s friendship, 10th prince & Rouxi’s friendship is not something to envy, but rather something to smile about.

Their friendship starts off an unusual way, and both of them do appreciate the friendship for various reasons.

As everyone knows, 10th prince had a crush on Rouxi and it lasted until his marriage.

Rouxi appreciated her friendship with 10th prince because he is constantly making her laugh. In the first few episodes, she only put down her guard when she’s with 10th prince. She enjoys his company as he’s always so clueless and easy to make fun of – though not in a bad way.

It was also through him that she realised that not all is good in being born in a royal family. She realised that even though they’re royal princes, they don’t have any say or freedom in their lives. She felt sorry and sad for him, and that despite not wanting the marriage, he has to agree and smile, pretending that everything is alright.

Rouxi is always honest and blunt in the story and rarely lies. Even when 10th prince asks her if he’s stupid, she tells him straight in the face that he is, and that is also the very reason why she liked him. She doesn’t have to worry about any hidden motives or intention behind their friendship because he’s simple to read and is simple-minded unlike others.

However, because he’s simple-minded, he constantly causes people to worry about him. Just like the scene above, Rouxi purposely spilled the tea on him to make him stop talking, not to help 4th prince, but to make sure he doesn’t offend 4th prince. Though the others think that she’s doing it to help 4th prince, she herself knows that she’s doing it to help 10th prince, so that 4th prince won’t settle scores in future.

As he’s clueless about everything, he also almost lands Rouxi into trouble. He’s reckless, impulsive and doesn’t think thoroughly. Which friend in a right mind, would KICK YOU?! (Though he didn’t notice it was Rouxi at first, he still didn’t apologize.) If it wasn’t for the other princes’, he would have caused Rouxi quite a bit of trouble, especially if he had complain to his father about Mingyue punching him after being jealous of Rouxi.

In that aspect, we can consider him a burden on Rouxi, but since he is simple-minded and doesn’t really have any bad intention to be a burden to her, we can just consider him a clueless friend.

Since I’m talking about this scene, let’s sidetrack a bit and look at the princes’ reaction when 10th prince kicked Rouxi after banging into her:

Anyway, to me their friendship was something which was unbalanced. It’s like a teacher and a student, or a sister to a younger brother. They don’t share the same mental capabilities, and Rouxi is often looking out for him. She doesn’t really consider him a friend who can share her burdens or problems, but he is someone who she can let down her guard with and just have fun playing with.

Rouxi’s character is such that is she will always be there for a friend in need and can be considered to be almost selfless.

However, I don’t think 10th prince is. 10th prince is hot-tempered and in addition simple-minded. Just like the scene where Rouxi spilled tea on him, he was clearly angry but he just held back his anger. Give him a little push and he’ll disregard her as a friend. If someone had made rumors about Rouxi or tell him that Rouxi is using him, he might have just believed that person and turn his back on Rouxi.

But of course, there is no such thing inside. Thank goodness 🙂

Simply put, she’s a friend who can share all problems with her friends and don’t mind the outcome, but he won’t and even if he did help his friends, he would have regretted it if it will cause him a bad outcome.

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