Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 31 Recap

9th prince asks Rouxi what she wanted to talk to him about. Rouxi asks him directly whether he felt guilty for Yutan’s death. 9th prince answers coldly that it’s her fortune for generations, to be his tool. Rouxi tells him that he sure lives up to his reputation. He tells her that he’ll naturally take care of her family and the funeral, but if she wants to seek justice, she should look for the Emperor as he is the murderer. Rouxi has nothing to say.

9th prince is thinking of Yutan. It wasn’t as easy as he had said to Rouxi. He clearly had a deep relationship with Yutan. He was the one who saved her years ago, and they also shared a relationship. 9th prince shouts aloud that 4th prince owes him too much.

8th prince arrives and 9th prince tells him to stop retreating all the time. 8th prince tells him to keep his temper in check and that there is little they can do since 4th prince is already the Emperor. After 8th prince leaves, 9th prince asks 8th Fujin for her opinion and tells her that he has something interesting to say.

Qiao Hui is sent to wait on Rouxi. Rouxi is happy to see her, but quickly regain her senses and tells her to leave, crying. Qiao Hui cries along, telling her to take care of the baby and her health. Qiao Hui tells Rouxi that she’s like a younger sister and Roulan would have been upset if she knew.

Cheng Huan visits Rouxi and wants to tell her a joke and sing a song. Rouxi tells her to do it another day. She plays the zither instead. The Emperor and 13th prince arrives. Cheng Huan stops playing and asks if the song is nice. Rouxi mentions that it is and 13th prince tells Cheng Huan that Rouxi dotes on her thus everything sound nice. The Emperor asks who told her to play that song and she mentioned that she choose it. Rouxi laughs at what Cheng Huan said and the Emperor tells Cheng Huan that he will reward her for making Rouxi laugh.

13th prince questions Rouxi who she will dote more in future, her child or Cheng Huan. Rouxi answers that she’ll treat them equally as sisters. The Emperor asks why must it be a princess, he would prefer a prince, who will accomplish great things and be his successor. Rouxi says it straight in his face that she just wants a good girl, not a prince who will fight with his brothers for the throne. Everyone turns quiet.

13th prince and Cheng Huan leaves. Rouxi turns to leave, but the Emperor hugs her tight. He tells her that even though she doesn’t want to see him, the baby wants to see the father. He asks why she is still angry with him. He tells her that it’s about time he gave her a title since she’s carrying his baby. Rouxi tells him she doesn’t want any title. He mentions that people will look down on the baby for not having a father if she doesn’t have a title, and Rouxi asks him to let her out of the palace, that way no one will look down on her baby. The Emperor hugs her and objects strongly. He will never allow that to happen.

The Emperor asks if she only hates him now. She tells him that she wished she could, but no matter how hard she tries she can’t hate him. She reveals that she is just afraid of the palace, him as an Emperor, and why he is so cruel. The Emperor tells her that he will always be 4th prince to her, but he’s also the Emperor and there is a lot of things he can’t help with. Rouxi mentions that there might be a lot of things he won’t be able to help but if someone else handled it, the methods would have been different. She asks why he always have to choose the extreme method to deal with matters and end up hurting people around him. Rouxi leaves.

Rouxi talks to Cheng Huan. She asks her who told her to play the song, and Cheng Huan answers that she finally asked that question. She tells Rouxi that it was her new palace maid, and that if anyone asks, she is not to reveal the truth unless it’s Rouxi or else she’ll die.  Cheng Huan tells Rouxi that the palace maid passed a long a message that Er Qi (2 seven) will follow her wishes as long as she is willing. Rouxi thinks of what she said and realised that 14th prince sent that message. Rouxi tells Cheng Huan to treat it as it never happened and told her to send the palace maid elsewhere to work to protect herself.

Qiao Hui returns with an eunuch who came to pass Rouxi something. It’s the list of titles which the Emperor wants her to choose. Rouxi is vexed and walks with Qiao Hui. She tells Qiao Hui that with a title, she has to stay in the Forbidden Palace forever. Qiao Hui tells her that 8th Fujin wants to see her. Rouxi agrees to meet her, telling Qiao Hui to keep a look out and to mention that she wants the meeting instead in someone else asks.

8th Fujin tells Rouxi that 8th prince is always being scolded by the Emperor for mistakes he didn’t make or wasn’t his fault. She knows that the Emperor is angry because of the previous incident which caused 13th prince to be locked up for 10 years. She asks Rouxi if she knew why 8th prince did that in the past, to only 4th prince and not 3rd prince who also wanted the throne. Rouxi tells her that she doesn’t know.

8th Fujin reveals that she heard from 9th prince, a certain someone told 8th prince, not once, a list of names he should beware of. That’s why 8th prince did that to 4th prince, to be on the safe side. 8th Fujin tells Rouxi that the real mastermind is someone else and that if the Emperor knew, would he be more sad or more angry. Rouxi is so shocked to hear that she’s the cause of it. Her stomach begins to hurt but she doesn’t take note.

Rouxi goes back to her room and Qiao Hui asks what did 8th Fujin told her to make her react in such a way. She begs Rouxi to take care of herself and the baby. 13th prince arrives and Rouxi rejects him, but he comes in anyway.

13th prince asks Rouxi to tell him if her has done anything wrong and that nothing can’t be said between them. Rouxi reveals that it’s not him who has done wrong but it’s her. She’s so upset and guilty that she falls over in pain. 13th prince calls the physician. The Emperor arrives and is shocked and angry. He asks 13th prince what happened as he told him to persuade her. The physician tells them that he can only save the mother. The Emperor is livid.

The Emperor is angry at 8th prince and his Fujin (he is aware Rouxi met 8th Fujin, but no one knows the details of their conversation). He orders 8th prince to chase his Fujin out in 3 days. 8th prince refuses and tells him that he only wishes to grow old with his Fujin. He mentions that he rather die than follow the order. The Emperor orders him to kneel at Yin Xin palace as punishment.

The physician tells the Emperor that Rouxi might never get pregnant again. The Emperor is upset and tells him not to let anyone know, including Rouxi.

13th prince goes to see the Emperor. It’s raining heavily and 8th prince is still kneeling. 13th prince tells the Emperor that 8th prince legs has always been a problem and that if he continues kneeling in this weather, he won’t be able to walk anymore. The Emperor tells him that 8th prince was also the cause of his (13th prince) leg’s problem. He also reveals that Rouxi can no longer have children. The Emperor sends out an order that 8th prince is to return to his manor by walking, not in a sedan.

8th prince returns to his manor. 8th Fujin cries at his bedside. 8th prince asks her what did she do to make the Emperor angry. She mentions that she met Rouxi and had beg her to help them. She asks if he was punished because of her. 8th prince denies, saying that if she has done nothing wrong, there is no reason to be punished because of her. 8th Fujin is holding 8th prince clothes when the imperial edict falls. She reads it.

Rouxi wakes up to see the Emperor by her side. She calls him 4th prince and falls back to her unconscious state. 13th prince tells him not to worry too much. The Physician tells him that she will wake up.

Rouxi wakes up and tells Qiao Hui that it has been hard on her. She asks where is everyone else and Qiao Hui answers that the Emperor is at court. She mentions that the Emperor is always by her side when he’s not attending court sessions. Rouxi asks who gave her water when she was unconscious and Qiao Hui reveals that the Emperor personally attended to her.

Rouxi asks if the Emperor handed out a punishment. Qiao Hui tells her that she doesn’t know. Rouxi tells her that if she’s going to fool her too, there is no need for her to be by her side. Qiao Hu blames herself for letting Rouxi met 8th Fujin. Rouxi tells her that it’s not her fault and that there are many things which cannot be avoided. Qiao Hui feeds Rouxi, and the Emperor arrives.


We’ve finally reached the near end. (HOW SAD THAT IT’S GOING TO END!!!)

There is so many things which happened in this episode. Firstly, we saw that despite 9th prince being cold and ruthless, he did have an affection for Yutan. Though he didn’t say it out or cried out, he must have felt guilty about Yutan’s death. However, if he had loved her a little more, he wouldn’t have put her in such a dangerous situation.

It’s sad that despite 8th prince no longer having the desire to fight with 4th prince, he is constantly in the chopping board. Despite giving into everything, he opposes the Emperor when he was ordered to make Minghui leave. The drama have portrayed him into a character which is so gentlemanly, someone who will never make a woman suffer. No matter who it is, as long as it’s a woman, 8th prince is always kind. (I don’t mean it in a bad way – don’t take it in a wrong way!)

Rouxi is clearly shaken by the fact that she was the cause of the tragedy. She was trying to be as careful as possible and in wanting 8th prince to have a better ending, she had told him the warning. Little did she know, that very warning, was the trigger which caused everything, including her best friend being locked up for 10 years.

She’s extremely upset, especially by the fact that 13th prince was robbed of his freedom because of her and that 8th prince is constantly on the chopping board because of her too.

However, though she is the trigger, we ought to understand that even without that warning, what would have happened would still have happened.

History cannot be changed. There are many things you cannot avoid (said by Rouxi at the end of the episode). Though she tried to avoid history, she eventually became the trigger to it.

It’s a sad fact. If she didn’t gave the warning, she would have felt less guilty. The same thing would still have happened in one way or another, but she wouldn’t be the direct cause of it.

14th prince also sends a hidden message to Rouxi. He knows she’s having a hard time, but he can’t see her directly. He reminds her that he can help her out of the palace as long as she’s willing to.

LAST NOTE: My previous post about 13th prince & Rouxi’s friendship, mentioned about how 13th prince always happens to be by her side when she’s having difficulties. This episode was no different as Rouxi fell over in pain, 13th prince was beside her, holding her as she bleeds.

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