Bu Bu Jing Xin Ep 32 Recap


The Emperor arrives. Rouxi smiles, before a tear falls and the Emperor quickly goes by her side and hugged her tightly, crying along. Rouxi apologies for the baby and tells him that their baby is happy somewhere else, so there is no need to blame someone else. The Emperor tells her that he’ll be angry if she keeps on worrying over others instead of herself. He promises to take her for a walk once she recovers.

The Emperor takes a walk with Rouxi. Rouxi says that the scent of medicine covers the scent of the flowers. The Emperor cheekily answers that he can only smell her fragrance and goes nearer to kiss her (or smell her – whatever, HAHA!). She covers his mouth and pushes his face away, telling him that the palace maid will laugh at him for doing so. He says that there is nothing funny about an Emperor treating his concubine well. He tells Rouxi that he has already prepared a title for her.

Rouxi mentions that he didn’t want her to have a title at first, and he only decided to because of the baby. Since the baby is gone, there is no longer a need for the title. The Emperor reveals that he’s no longer afraid of anything and that he’s only scared of losing her. He says that entitlement can no longer be put off. Once she recovers fully, they will perform the ceremony. Rouxi reveals that she’s also afraid of losing him. She is scared that, just like the way she was brought there unwillingly, she might have to leave the same way. She mentions about how she is Zhang Xiao and he thinks she’s just talking nonsense again. He promises that as long as she leaves involuntary, no matter where, he will find her.

8th fujin asks 8th prince to follow the edict and divorce her to save the other people lives. 8th prince is unwilling, but 8th fujin prepares the letter and begs 8th prince to seal it. He seals it in tears. 8th fujin leaves the manor.

Rouxi arrives outside the Emperor’s room and doesn’t go inside as 13th prince is inside discussing issues with the Emperor. She waits for 13th prince outside.

Rouxi asks 13th prince what did the Emperor demanded. 13th prince tells Rouxi about 8th prince being forced to divorce 8th fujin. Rouxi is aware of what Minghui will do and tells 13th prince to go convince 8th prince not to divorce her. 13th prince mentions that 8th prince won’t listen to him and Rouxi decides to go with him.

They rushed to 8th prince manor and despite all eunuch telling them that 8th prince doesn’t want any visitors, Rouxi rushes in. 8th prince is upset and angry that he says out all of his unhappiness. Rouxi tells him that he understand about what 8th fujin has done, but still never understood her heart. She tells him that 8th fujin is not afraid of dying with him or being punished along with him, she’s afraid of him not wanting her. 8th prince finally realises what Rouxi means and rushes to find 8th fujin. 13th prince and Rouxi follows along.

They finally arrive at 8th fujin’s place but it’s already up in flames and she had committed suicide. 8th prince is so upset that he cannot speak, and kept crying in shock. He asks Rouxi what kind of harm did Rouxi suffered from 8th fujin to grant such an outcome. She only went to meet Rouxi to rant out the unfairness. 13th prince is upset and tells 8th prince, that 8th fujin words has caused Rouxi to lose her baby and that she’ll never have another baby again. 8th prince keeps quiet and Rouxi is shocked by the news.

The Emperor sits quietly in Rouxi’s room. Rouxi and 13th prince returns. The Emperor tells her to rest after a day of running around. Rouxi tells him coldly that it’s about time he goes for court session. He held out a hand to touch her face but she turns away. The Emperor tells 13th prince to look at Rouxi, she only cares about others, but he only cares about her.

13th prince tells Rouxi not to blame herself. Rouxi asks if she really can’t have children anymore. 13th prince keeps quiet. Rouxi says that it might be better as her child wouldn’t have to suffer inside the palace.

Qiao Hui blames herself. Rouxi tells her that Qiao Hui didn’t know anything, she didn’t know the ending. She mentions that no one knew the endings. It was her mistake. It’s only the 2nd year of the Emperor and she thought that there would be a little peace before everything, but everything just begun. It had only just begun.

Mingyue finds out about her sister and is upset. She beats 8th prince, blaming him for everything, and calls him a murderer.

8th prince is in his manor, thinking of 8th fujin. He finally realised how much she had loved him and how she was actually so precious but he never had taken a good look at her. He is regretful and promises not to back down anymore. Even if he’ll die, he’ll gladly do so, to meet her faster.

10th fujin visits Rouxi. She begs Rouxi to help out 10th prince. Rouxi finds out that 10th prince has been ordered to be brought back forcefully and confined for life. Rouxi is further sadden by the news that it’s already 10th prince’s turn. She is touched by Mingyue’s love for 10th prince and tells her that the fault wasn’t theirs to begin with. She mentions that she will not let 10th prince suffer.

The Emperor is talking to 13th prince about how the current officials are starting to do well. He’s happy but 13th prince is clearly troubled. 13th prince tries to talk to the Emperor but he refuses to listen if it’s about 10th prince.

13th prince tells the Emperor that 10th prince have followed his orders, and never wanted the throne, and that why is he finding problems. He wonders if the Emperor is just bent on destroying them. The Emperor is furious.

13th prince asks if he never thought of Rouxi’s feelings. She grew up with 10th prince as playmates. 13th prince reminds the Emperor that Rouxi is the “13 death-seeking sister” and that she will never let the people she love suffer. She will even give up her life if needed. The Emperor is pissed and mentions that it is them who refuse to stop. He never wanted her to be involved, but it’s them who keep bringing her in their fight.

Rouxi arrives in the room, interrupting them. She brings a pot of wine. The Emperor tells her to go back. Rouxi asks 13th prince if her remembers the first time they drank together. He does and she mentions that it’s wine which brought them together. She pours a cup of wine and tells him that their relationship will end with this cup of wine and drinks it. 13th prince asks what is she up to.

Rouxi tells the Emperor that she has something to reveal. She doesn’t know where to start as it happened a long time ago. She mentions about how she gave a warning to 8th prince to be “very very careful with 4th prince, Long Ke Duo, Nian xxx”. She reveals to them that the warning had made 8th prince set up 4th prince, which ended up 13th prince being locked up. 13th prince mentions that it is impossible for her to gave such a warning at that time. Rouxi says that she is aware of everything. She knows everything.

Rouxi apologies to 13th prince, telling him that the person he trusted the most was behind his tragedy. She tells the Emperor that directly or indirectly, she had caused everything and that he have been hating the wrong person all these while. The person he should blame is the person he loves most, which is her. The Emperor listens in anger.


OMG. I can’t believe we’re reaching the end. It’s so sad I can’t bear to actually watch it unfold and still have to recap it~~~

There is so many conflicting feelings in this episode.

Rouxi finally tells 4th prince about the warning she gave 8th prince. She does it as a last bid to make 4th prince hatred towards 8th prince and the others lessen.

It’s really sad how she feels really guilty about 13th prince. Though 13th prince hears of her revelation, I don’t think he’ll hate her or blame her. He’s a true friend, from start till end.

Unlike 4th prince, 13th prince knew Rouxi inside out. He knows that Rouxi will be upset with 4th prince actions, and that she’ll never let the people she love suffer. 4th prince, however, is disillusion and cannot see how much he’ll hurt Rouxi by doing all of those. In his opinion, everyone has to disappear so that Rouxi and him could live in peace.

Though we see it as 4th prince bringing her inside their fights as he’s so cruel in punishing the others, in his view, he never wanted Rouxi to be involved, but the people being punished is always looking for her, simply because she’s the Emperor’s favourite, thus, in his opinion, it’s them who brought her in their fight.

This episode just made me love 13th prince more and more. How he understood Rouxi perfectly and knew what she would do. They are truly friends…the rarest gem of all!

Despite 4th prince being cruel and extreme, I don’t find his actions wrong. His actions might be on the extreme side, but if it wasn’t for the instability of the throne, he might not have been so extreme. We have to be reminded that 4th prince never bothered about anyone besides 13th prince and Rouxi, thus unlike Rouxi who has many friends and love and care for everyone, 4th prince only cares for her and 13th prince.

He loves her too much, but still cannot see how much he is hurting her.

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