Bu Bu Jing Xin Final Discussion

I’ve just finished watching BBJX and I’m full of mixed feelings, despite already being aware of the ending because of spoilers and the novel. I never really read the novel, but I’m pretty sure the novel had more details to the story which might not have been showed in the drama. Perhaps one day when I can read Chinese, I will be able to read the novel. (HAHA! Or I can just wait till they finishing translating it into english)

The ending is different from the novel so I would give two different opinions about the ending. I heard that in the novel, Rouxi died and couldn’t return to her present life. In the DVD/TV, Rouxi indeed died but returned to her present life, even having the memories of the life she led in the Qing Dynasty.

Personally, I would have liked the novel ending better. It would have been best to just leave Rouxi as she was – dead. Returning to her present life makes the sad ending loses a little bit of it’s sadness. If she returns alive, how can she continue living with all that memory which had caused her so much heartbreak and pain. The Rouxi we’ve seen for the past 34 episodes, would never be able to live peacefully with those memories. It’s not as if she forgets the pain she felt. She clearly remembers everything which happened, so how can she actually continue to live on when she couldn’t even live on in her life during Qing Dynasty. 

I just consider the DVD/TV ending as a closure they wanted for Rouxi. Something they wanted to please the viewers with or something they might have found appropriate. Everyone have different views.

I like the closure written by Tong Hua. In the re-published novel, she had written an additional epilogue which she continues with what happened to the rest of the people in the story. It was the perfect closure. As expected, the person who writes it, knows the perfect ending for it.


About the story

The story-telling is really brilliant. I’ve seen many dramas, but I’m not afraid to say that this story is really one of the best written story. From the standpoint of the writer, she was able to create thoughts for Rouxi, 4th prince, 8th prince, 13th prince and every other characters in the story. She was brilliant enough to include little facts in the story-telling itself, like for example, how history cannot be change and that sometimes things just cannot be avoided. She’s a great writer, who took note of every little thing to pay attention to. I cannot express enough my admiration for her writing.

About the characters

I loved each and every character in the story. Each character had a story to tell, had a thought of it’s own, and affected the outcome of the story in one way or another. I’m not sure if you noticed, but writer Tong Hua did a great job of developing the characters (which I find is one of the hardest part in writing a story). Her characters aren’t just 2-dimensional characters. They characters grew and changed given time, and made us grow along with them.

Rouxi – She used to be a lively girl, who does as she wishes and worries about nothing, but slowly she starts to pay attention, be more cautious about her actions and ends up keeping everything inside of her, eventually dying.

4th prince – He used to be the ice cold prince, who hardly have any reactions. Intelligent and distant. As he gets to know Rouxi, he slowly changes. He slowly shows emotion for worry, concern and starts to smile. Through Rouxi, he learnt a lot of emotions. A far contrast where he use to make a stern face in the beginning, but slowly started to smile and even knows how to cry.

and etc….


There is so many things to talk about, I don’t know what to say first.

My favourite part of the drama was definitely 13th prince and Rouxi’s friendship. If 4th prince knew Rouxi like how 13th prince knew her, the tragedy might not have happened. Their friendship is really the cause of all envy. If I have such luck, I want to have a friend just like him.

It was strange though that during the finale episodes, I cried more during 8th prince scenes rather than 4th prince scenes. No, not that 4th prince isn’t tragic enough, it’s just that the moment with 8th prince on screen disturbs me more emotionally. I am on 4th prince side, just for your information. (HAHA!)

It was sad that 8th prince who was ambitious to gain the throne as he was considered a lowly prince (because of his mother’s status) reached to such a state where even though he no longer wishes to fight or oppose, he has no choice but to just go along with his fate. He accepts his fate with no complains and that was why it affected me I guess? I was just so sad when Rouxi hugged him the last time.

I’ll stop here for now because there is too many things to say and too many thoughts to share.

It was one awesome ride, with lots of laughter, surprises and sorrow. However, I have to keep reminding myself that besides the actual facts about what happened, the story itself is fiction. It was just so beautifully written, that I keep on thinking that all the real actual princes really have the same characters  and thoughts as the story. It’s impossible though because no one really knows what the princes were like, what really happened, because all of it is just history and we can only rely on the books for a faint idea of the past.

5 thoughts on “Bu Bu Jing Xin Final Discussion

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for all your great discussions and recaps of BBJX. I silently refreshed your page every day and read every post related to BBJX and i thought that this would be a great time for you to feel appreciated for doing what your doing 🙂 I loved reading your take on the drama and by reading your recaps i was able to re-live some of the scenes and.. cry all over again 😦

  2. wow, i really like this drama alot. i has immersed into my really life. the story is great. i do like wat u said about all the characters and ur liking but eventually i i add one more, i love 14th prince as well.

  3. This movie is full of complicated and so drama
    i like 13th prince&14th prince the most (they boy are so handsome <3)
    i finished watching this movie in 3 days(in the last day, i have watched more than 10 hours continuely)
    this movie is so touched, sometimes i have a big laugh for it and sometimes i feel a little bit hurt and confused anyway i would like it to have the season two

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