Destined to be apart: Rouxi & 4th prince Yinzhen

One of the main highlights of Bu Bu Jing Xin was the romance of 4th prince & Rouxi, which started off late, lasted for a short while and ended tragically.

Personally, I was supporting them as a couple instead of Rouxi & 8th prince or Rouxi & 14th prince. If 13th prince was in the running, I would have voted for him instead. HAHA 🙂

Their romance was the most complicated of the lot, and the most difficult to maintain. He’s a competitor for the throne, she’s the Emperor’s favourite palace maid. He’s the Emperor, she’s the palace maid and his hidden woman.

What started off as a mere curiosity turned into interest and slowly developed into love. 4th prince who is always showing a straight face, never fails to smile/smirk every time Rouxi is around.

Rouxi kept 4th prince at a distance as she doesn’t wants to get into his bad boots and because she knows that he is the future Emperor. She treats him with extra caution, being extra careful around him, and paying a lot more attention to him, his likes and his dislikes. To her, treating him that way will ensure her safety as she doesn’t offends him. However to him, and the other princes, they take it that she has something for 4th prince. 4th prince himself thinks that Rouxi likes him.

As she kept running away from him, his interest and curiosity for her just keep on growing. Eventually, he kissed her during their horseback lesson (hehe  ^ ^ ). Rouxi finally realises that in others’ eyes, she’s being extra cautious of 4th prince because she likes him.

After being rejected, 4th prince is confused and asked 13th prince for his opinion on Rouxi’s behavior towards him. Even in 13th prince’s eyes, Rouxi is always being extra careful of 4th prince and afraid to get close.

4th prince, however, never gives up and tells Rouxi in her face that he’s not going to stop halfway. (HAHA 🙂 )

At this point of time, Rouxi was still in a relationship with 8th prince, while 4th prince was interested in Rouxi.

Slowly, they developed feelings for each other and Rouxi asks him to marry her. However, they have a problem. Rouxi is the Emperor’s favourite palace maid and the Mongols (Min Min’s father) treats her like his own daughter. Simply put, Rouxi was like a political chess piece. 4th prince, however, is favored by the Emperor and both of them awaited for the right time.

Their hopes are dashed when 8th prince plotted against 4th prince, which caused 13th prince to be confined. In order to set things right, 4th prince breaks off with Rouxi telling her that he can no longer ask for her hand in marriage.

Rouxi never blamed 4th prince for breaking up with her, because this situation is different from her situation with 8th prince. 8th prince was given the choice of either the throne or her. In 4th prince’s case, there was no other options because all their lives are at stake. If 4th prince had asked for her hand in marriage, they would never be able to save 13th prince and 4th prince will also be in big trouble.

Despite breaking up and being apart for years, their love never died down and just grew deeper.

When 4th prince finally becomes the Emperor, we thought that it would be a good thing for the lovers as there should be nothing to stop them from being together anymore. Little did they know, there was more obstacles standing in their way.

Political battles and personal views stands in their way.

4th prince showers Rouxi with lots of love, but never gave her an official title. Rouxi began to be afraid as she knows that it is the beginning of the other princes’ suffering. Their peaceful time together was sweet, but short.

Their relationship slowly started to break down, with differences in opinions and political battles standing in their ways. They never got around to fix the problem, as more problems keep arising and the only thing left was to be separated yet again, in the cruelest of way, which was death.

As their relationship progresses, Rouxi slowly becomes more and more tired and hurt. She still loves 4th prince a lot, but she just cannot accept the other princes’ suffering. 4th prince is constantly trying to keep up and make Rouxi as happy as possible, but he just fails to see that all she wants was him to understand her feelings in watching the friends she grew up with suffer so much pain and hardship.

In short, their love was never meant to be. They were fated to meet, fated to love, but destined never to be together.

How cruel can fate be?


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