Late Night Hospital Episode 1

I was keeping my eye on MBC’s Late Night Hospital (airing every Saturday around midnight), but only had time to watched it today. Just like what I prepared myself for, it was a good episode and a great start. It was interesting and unique.

Just for your information, Late Night Hospital is about a surgeon who operates a hospital at night to find his wife killer. There’s more to it than just simple killing actually. It’s a mixture of two of my fav. genres – Medical and Mystery/Crime. HAHA:)

The first episode left a good impression on me, and if it keeps on this way, it would easily make one of my recommended short dramas (it is slotted for only 10 episodes).

Basically, the first episode quickly tells us what happened, and how Heo Joon ended up operating a late night hospital.

Here’s a brief recap:

It starts off in a boxing ring, where Heo Joon was up against another guy. It has some cool effects as well!

Heo Joon was winning, but he noticed that his opponent’s heart was acting weird. He signals to Hong Na Kyung (a female surgeon who is just a temp. stand in) to stop the match, but she fails to do so. He surrenders and let his opponent win to avoid fighting with him. The opponent was excited and hit his own chest lightly, only to ended up unconscious. Heo Joon manages to save him from danger.

While leaving, Heo Joon was knocked unconscious and brought into an unknown place. There he meets a man, Goo Dong Man, who asks him to treat him secretly, in exchange for finding the real criminal.

Heo Joon goes back to his old house, but hesitates to go in. He remembers how he went home one day to find his wife on the floor, stabbed, and calling out to him.

Heo Joon thinks about the offer. His hands aren’t in their best form, so he might not be able to perform surgeries. He wants to recruit Hong Na Kyung, but she has already received a job offer. He calls up the hospital and tells them about her mistake which caused her to be fired from her previous hospital. She returns to him and tells him that she’s interested in working.

At his friend’s hospital, he bumps into his previous patient. He reaches out his hand but her mother pulls her daughter away. The mother tells her friend, that he is the man who operated on her daughter and also the man who killed his wife.

Hong Na Kyung bumps into Yoon Sang Ho, Goo Dong Man’s bodyguard, who is her previous patient/acquaintance  in hospital. She tells him that she’s working at a night hospital and points in the direction of the hospital (where he knows it’s his boss place to be treated in secret).

Goo Dong Man asks Heo Joon who allowed him to operate a night hospital. He just wants to be treated in secret during the day and wants no other patients in the place. Heo Joon insists on making the hospital a night time hospital. Hong Na Kyung arrives at the hospital and drops something. Heo Joon is shocked and goes out to ask her why is she there during the day when he told her to arrive only at a specific time. He introduces her to Dong Man and tells him that she will be his assistant working at night.

Na Kyung and Sang Ho steps out of the room.

Na Kyung asks curiously if Dong Man is sick, and Sang Ho covers her mouth to stop her, telling her that it might get her into trouble.

Heo Joon has a nightmare of what happened in the past. He woke up to find himself, holding a weapon and his wife dead, next to him. Before he knows it, the police arrived.

The same policeman who caught him, saw him running a hospital and comes in to talk to him. He asks if people even come, knowing the fact that he is his wife’s killer. Heo Joon is pissed off and tells him to find the real criminal.

A previous patient of Heo Joon & Na Kyung is injured and Heo Joon treats him in the day, in a hurry. However, Dong Man arrives for his treatment and tells him to pack his bags and leave. Their deal is over.

Heo Joon gets inside Dong Man’s car and rushes off leaving Choi Kwang Gook (his other henchman) chasing after them. Heo Joon purposely bangs into a police car, which caused the policeman (who talked to him) to chase after him. After some mad chasing, Heo Joon stops the car and opens the door, telling Dong Man to make a decision.


Okay, let’s get to the point first.

Heo Joon stopped doing surgeries probably because he was accused of murdering his wife and he suffered a psychological trauma which made his hand shake and unable to perform surgeries.

One thing for sure. Heo Joon was probably not sentenced for his wife murder, maybe due to lack of evidence. If he was, there was no way, he would be there, right? Maybe that’s why the policeman kind of hates him, because he believes he is the killer but got away free.

Heo Joon also competes in boxing fights, to find the real killer by their hand, as he had stabbed the killer’s hand with a screwdriver.


It was a good first episode, and the relationships are all quickly established. Yoo Sang Ho would make a good 2nd lead, from the vibes I’m getting. HAHA 🙂


2 thoughts on “Late Night Hospital Episode 1

    1. Hmmm I think I watched this without subs because I couldn’t find them subbed back then 😦 not sure if there are subs available for it now.

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