Late Night Hospital Episode 2

I really like this drama for a lot of reasons. It’s only 10 episodes long, which means the pace for each episode is quite fast, and there is a whole lot of elements which makes it interesting. I won’t be recapping the full episode 2, but I will be recapping the love lines in episode 2 (it took up quite a bit of the whole episode  ^ ^). HAHA. Episode 2 is all about the love 🙂

I’m actually liking Sang Ho a lot 🙂 He’s just adorable. He’s the bodyguard of Goo Dong Man, who is not exactly highly regard by GDM’s right-hand man, Choi Kwang Gook. He feels thankful to Na Kyung for saving his life, so he treats her really nice. However, I think he has a crush on Lee Kwang Mi (Bae Seul Gi), who is a noona he knows. She’s most probably, the girlfriend or someone related to the person who died in the car, in Sang Ho’s past accident. It feels like Sang Ho likes Na Kyung, but I think right now, he just feels thankful. In future, he’ll start to fall for her, I’m sure… whatever it is, he’s just CUTE 🙂

An old grandmother had came to the hospital, saying that her finger hurts. Heo Joon tells her to go to a proper hospital and get an x-ray done. Na Kyung quickly goes out and buys an ice-cream. She uses the ice-cream stick to support the finger so that it won’t hurt as much. Heo Joon smiles at her thoughtfulness.

Heo Joon pretends to sleep after planning to catch Na Kyung red-handed, injecting some medicine into her hands.

He gets angry. In the midst of arguing, she finds out that he was the one who called up the hospital to tell them about her scandal. She gets angry and leaves the hospital.

Heo Joon goes to find Na Kyung at the sauna she’s staying at. She notices that he’s injured but is still angry at him. He asks her to come back to the hospital. She goes back into the sauna.

Na Kyung returns to the hospital and helps Heo Joon with his wound.

Sang Ho asks Kwang Mi to help out at the hospital for the moment. (If I guess correctly, Sang Ho might have a crush on Kwang Mi or feels sorry for her, and she’s probably the girlfriend of his friend who died)

Sang Ho saw Na Kyung at the convenience store buying some food. He tells the cashier to cancel everything and grabs Na Kyung out. (SQUEEEE~~~ ) He brings her out to eat 🙂

While sending her home, Na Kyung falls asleep. Sang Ho nervously pushes her seat back, and cutely hesitates to put on his jacket on her properly.

Back at the hospital, Sang Ho notices that Na Kyung leg is aching. He quietly places a chair beside her before going off. (HAHAHA 🙂 CUTE LAA!!!)

Na Kyung almost causes a patient to die after administrating treatment on him. Luckily, Heo Joon manages to save him without any surgery. She cries, reminded of her past patient which died.

In the morning, Na Kyung goes to the hospital to do some stuff, but overhears someone dropping something. It’s a thief (probably not so easy as that – he’s trying to steal something else). She screams and the two guys upstairs overhears her and comes running down.

Both are shocked. Heo Joon sees his wife image in his head and is reminded of how his wife died. He dashes in to block Na Kyung from being attacked, while Sang Ho fights with the masked man and injured his hand.

Heo Joon attends to Na Kyung’s arm injury while Sang Ho chases the masked man outside.

(He says that they’re even since she attended to his injury just a day before.)

Sang Ho returns from the chase (he didn’t manage to catch the guy), and notices the exchange between Heo Joon & Na Kyung. He seems upset, and leaves quietly to a pharmacy and messily bandaged his own hand.

HAHA 🙂 Heo Joon and Na Kyung got too close to each other and both nervously turns away until Dong Man arrives with his lackey to spoil the moment.

Just to let you know the ending…

Heo Joon hands began to shake and he cannot inject Na Kyung’s arm. He goes off to find his medicine, but Dong Man’s lackey is aware of his condition and asks if he’s looking for the medicine. OH-OH~~~


Just for this episode alone, Sang Ho is being really cute. I’m not sure yet who he likes at this episode, but I’m pretty sure he will like Na Kyung 🙂

As for Heo Joon, he has yet to fall for her or have any special affection as of yet. He just needs her to operate instead of him, because he’s not capable as of yet. He’s been hiding his condition from Dong Man, but it looks like they’re aware of it.

I really like the pace of the story and the storyline is interesting. Anyway, I can’t wait for more! (Why does it only air once a week??? 😦 )

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