Late Night Hospital Episode 3

Late Night Hospital Episode 3 adds more CUTE, and more SUSPENSE as the story progresses. I wonder who is the killer… and who Na Kyung will end up falling for… (though I think she’ll fall for Heo Joon…but I really find Sang Ho CUTE!)

We start off where episode 2 left off. Heo Joon is searching for his medicine when Kwang Gook comes inside the room with his medicine, asking if he’s looking for it. Heo Joon is nervous, and walks pass Kwang Gook, ignoring him and takes another clean, new injection.

Kwang Gook asks if he really doesn’t need the medicine, which Heo Joon answers that of course he doesn’t. Kwang Gook drops the medicine on the floor on purpose and steps on each bottle, asking Heo Joon if he is sure each time. Heo Joon steps on the last bottle and proceeds back to the attend to Na Kyung.

His hand begins to shake and he’s nervous with both Dong Man & Kwang Gook’s eyes on him. He quickly attends to Na Kyung and managed to sew her injury without any problem. He tells her to quickly knock off from work and the three guys look at each other as she asked if it’s really okay not to report the robbery incident to the police, despite nothing being stolen.

The police is actually keeping watch of the hospital at a distance. He finds something fishy but can’t put his finger on what is it exactly.

Heo Joon hears someone entering the hospital and quietly goes over to see who is it. He grabs the person around the neck, from the back and realises it’s Na Kyung. Na Kyung is taken aback, but notices that Heo Joon injured his hand. He walks away.

Na Kyung is about to leave when she noticed that the surgery room is in a mess, so she decides to clean up.

As she was cleaning, she found a scalpel which was stained with blood.

It turns out Heo Joon had cut his own finger to stop his hand from shaking. (OMG!)

Na Kyung leaves after cleaning up and saw Sang Ho returning after the chase. He mentioned that he already bandaged his hand, and she inspects it, and mention that they would need to re-do it. Sang Ho keeps on looking at her 🙂

I’m 100% sure, he has fallen for her 🙂 CUTE! CUTE! CUTE!!!

Kwang Gook returns to his office (looks like a club to me) and orders one of his men to gather more information, and to get rid of all the suspicious people.

Found one.

Sang Ho goes up to the room (where Heo Joon is staying, apparently, they’re both staying above the hospital). He noticed that Heo Joon is injured and tells Heo Joon to take care of his body. He calls for delivery for two (Dwenjjang Jiggae – Bean Stew or something). Heo Joon laughs. (They’re pretty close now, despite their relationship isn’t exactly a friend-kind of relationship, I can sense some bromance coming along for us.)

Na Kyung stands, staring at the entrance as she waits for patients to come in. (HAHA!) And the first patient is….

A gangster.

They insisted on seeing a male doctor and one of them pushes Na Kyung.

And of course, Heo Joon prevents her from falling.

Heo Joon began to grab the guy’s hand and started twisting it around (LOL 🙂 ) He kicked the guy and made him fall.

Na Kyung tries to stop them from fighting further and one of the man tried to hit her. Heo Joon pulls her back while Sang Ho grabbed the guy’s hand. Sang Ho lands a punch.

One of the man quickly recognizes Sang Ho and addressed him as Hyungnim. Na Kyung is surprised, and asked Sang Ho if he is a gangster. Sang Ho leaves. (I think he is embarrassed in front of her for being a gangster since he has a crush on her)

Na Kyung and Kwang Mi sorts out the patients’ charts in the storeroom. Heo Joon asks what they’re doing and she mentions that the charts all seems like gangster patients.

Heo Joon looks through the patients’ charts and found one which has the same injury he inflicted on his wife killer. He quickly searches for the doctor-in-charge and runs off to find him. Sang Ho tries to chase him but Heo Joon had rode a cab. Heo Joon finds out from the other hospital that the doctor had ran away with the money and disappeared. Heo Joon is shocked and disappointed. Kwang Gook is watching all these.

Heo Joon goes to see his friend, who attends to his injury. He tells Heo Joon not to worry and that he’ll help to find out more about the doctor Heo Joon is looking for.

Kwang Gook invites Heo Joon in his car outside the hospital. Heo Joon mentions something about Kwang Gook’s hand (He’s wearing a glove on one hand) and he answers that it’s an old illness. Kwang Gook goes on to say that he received treatment from one of the doctors in the hospital, who is Heo Joon’s friend.

Kwang Gook says that out of curiosity, he asked the doctor about the medicine as well. It’s for hands which shakes. Heo Joon looks on nervously.

Sang Ho is laying down alone at the rooftop, when Na Kyung comes with drinks. She asks him if he wants a drink but he rejects it, saying that it’s working hours. Na Kyung asks what time does a gangster ends his work.

Sang Ho watches as Na Kyung drinks and talks about the patients she handles are all gangsters. She notices that Sang Ho is looking and mentions that all patients are the same anyway. Sang Ho grabs the can from her and starts drinking.

Na Kyung has a sudden leg cramp and almost falls off the bench (or table~~ whatever they’re sitting on). Sang Ho stops her from falling 🙂

As Sang Ho stops her from falling, their faces become closer to each other. Sang Ho is all nervous while Na Kyung doesn’t really have any reaction. (HAHA 🙂 ) Sang Ho drinks up the remaining beer and Na Kyung notices that Sang Ho cheeks are red. Sang Ho laughs it off and mentions that it’s the beer effect. (LOL! 🙂 )

The sauna person asks Na Kyung to leave.

Sang Ho is mopping the hospital half-heartedly. He looks at the clock (probably waiting for Na Kyung!). Na Kyung enters with her luggage but does not mention that she has been kicked out or nowhere to go. Someone steps inside the hospital, and everyone looks on curiously.

It turns out that the visitor is the policeman. Sang Ho looks on curiously, while Heo Joon tries to make a deal with the policeman to find the real killer. The policeman refuses to listen, so Heo Joon does not hand over the culprit’s medical record.

Na Kyung is practicing the surgery with Heo Joon looking. He keeps scolding her and realises that her hand has a blister on it.

She argues with him and tells him that she cannot understand why she has to learn that surgery and why he’s always acting as if he’s being chased. She tells him that until he tells her everything, she won’t work in the hospital.

Heo Joon realises that the patients’ medical records are missing. He chased after the thief who confesses that it’s Kwang Gook’s order. Heo Joon deduces that Kwang Gook is his wife’s murderer and runs off to find him.

It’s Kwang Gook who took away the medical record, but he took off his glove and proved that he is not the killer. He shows Heo Joon his other scars, and mentions that he would never remove the scars on his body. He tells Heo Joon that if he wants to destroy his own hand so much, he’ll do it for him.


The drama is interesting and it’s very quick-paced so it’s really to my liking. I like Kwang Gook for being a good villain, as in, he’s intelligent.

I can’t stop mentioning how cute Sang Ho is 🙂 He is all nervous around Na Kyung while she acts like normal~~


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