K-Dramas: This Week Recommendations

If you’re looking for something good to watch, and can’t decide what to watch yet, here are some new currently airing dramas I’ll recommend you to watch.

(Flower Boy Ramyun Shop)

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is a cable drama which is airing every Mon-Tue. It’s storyline is light and fluffy, with a little bit more depth. It’s good for laughing and ogling at the male leads~~ heh heh 🙂

(Me Too Flower)

Me Too Flower is every Wed-Thu and despite being different from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, it’s effect is quite similar. It’s perfect for laughs. However, I would say this drama has a little bit more depth compared to FBRS. It has a little more flaws though compared to FBRS, but it’s still a good one to watch 🙂


Brain is a medical drama which I have yet to watch. HAHA. However, I’ve watched some cuts of it, and it does looks pretty promising. Anyone who loves medical drama, might want to check it out 🙂


That’s all for this week 🙂

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