Late Night Hospital Ep 4 Recap

Episode 4 has less of sweet-romance like in Episode 3, but the drama revealed more about plot and had keep things going. More secrets are getting out, more confrontations and more suspense 🙂

*Note: Not a full recap, but short recap, which covers most important things. 

So last week, we had Kwang Gook trying to “destroy” Heo Joon’s hand. It turns out that he didn’t. He receives a call from Dong Man, who tells him to grab hold of Heo Joon.

Back at the hospital, Dong Man tells Heo Joon that he can’t let Heo Joon live, and Kwang Gook covers up for Heo Joon, by saying that he was the one who called Heo Joon to ask him to help an injured person. Dong Man insist on going to the hospital to check Heo Joon’s hands condition.

At the hospital, Kwang Gook manages to bribe/asked a favor from the doctor to lie to Dong Man that Heo Joon’s hands is fine. Heo Joon is confused as to why Kwang Gook told a lie which might implicate him and do such a dangerous act.

Kwang Gook reveals that he understands Heo Joon’s feeling as he experienced a similar thing, where his girlfriend died before they were able to get married. Heo Joon asks did he catch the killer, and Kwang Gook answers that he’s receiving punishment right now (something like that~~).

Na Kyung wants to buy some bananas but she only has 2000 won with her. She decides to buy an apple instead. (It’s super weird to buy just ONE apple~~ HAHA). Sang Ho stands behind her and asks for the bananas. Na Kyung mentions that it’s okay, but Sang Ho answers that HE wants to eat it. (LOL 🙂 You Naughty Boy!!! Teasing her~~)

They walk back to the hospital together and Sang Ho asks why she doesn’t have anything with her (as in her bag), and she answers that she doesn’t need anything else besides her hand. (Actually, she moved her luggage into one of the rooms in the hospital).

Sang Ho notices the blister on her hand and mentions that which guy would want to hold a girl’s hand which is in that state and that even him wouldn’t want to. She laughs and tells him that she didn’t ask him to hold her hand anyway. (HAHA! oooh~~~ Sang Ho, we know you WANT TO HOLD HER HAND!)

They bump into Heo Joon outside the hospital and Na Kyung asks where have he been. He asks why is she here. She says that she told him she didn’t want to learn the operation, not didn’t want to talk to him.

A delivery man got into an accident just in front of the hospital. Heo Joon is trying to operate on his leg, but his hands begin to shake. Na Kyung notices it, and pretends to sneeze, causing them to change all the items to new ones. She then offers to take over.

After the operation, Na Kyung asks Heo Joon what is his reason to teach her the operation. He tells her that it’s to not forget the operation methods and procedure. Her friends and colleagues are all learning, experiencing and saving lives at each moment, but she’s here now. He says everything so sincerely that she decides to learn the operation again.

Sang Ho finds out that Na Kyung has decided to do the operation again and looks dishearten. He notices that she’s using his banana to practice her stitching and grabs the other bananas back. (HAHA 🙂 ) She tells him that he’s being petty but he doesn’t bother and eats a banana. She goes over to his side to grab some bananas, but he refuses, and laughs saying that he’s cute.

Sang Ho asks Heo Joon if he’s going to teach Na Kyung the operation again and if that he intends on making her do the operation in his stead. Heo Joon asks Sang Ho is he likes Na Kyung and tells him not to be too obvious, especially in the hospital, as it can be dangerous. Sang Ho tells him that he shouldn’t have ask Na Kyung to do something dangerous in the first place.

Dong Man assigns some job which were under Kwang Gook to be passed on to another worker, who’s delighted. He mentions that the painting is beautiful and who had drawn it. Dong Man answers that the person died three years ago. (That painting is Heo Joon’s wife work before she died)

There’s an elderly patient who needs a tracheotomy immediately, but Na Kyung is too scared to do it. We get a flashback that the last time she did it, her patient died. Heo Joon tells her to trust him and she manages to do it.

Na Kyung gives Heo Joon her most treasured pen, which she had when she was an intern and tell him that it’s a magic pen. Heo Joon tells her that doctors can’t save every patient, neither can they kill every patient.

Na Kyung wakes up in the day, at the hospital and she hears someone knocking on the door. She opens the door to find a man who mentions something about an operation which left her confused. She researches some things and finds out that the hospital is actually dealing with illegal organ transplants.

Na Kyung goes to the second floor, where we have a locked room. Sang Ho comes down, and Na Kyung asks him if he has the key. She asks him if he already knew what kind of hospital they are. Sang Ho doesn’t deny anything (or say anything), and opens the door for her.

WOW~~~ Behind the locked doors was actually an actual operating room, equip with everything. Na Kyung is shocked.

Na Kyung thinks back of everything which Heo Joon said to her so far, and is having mixed feelings.

Na Kyung confronts Heo Joon if he had intended to use her hands to do such illegal stuff instead of his. She starts to cry and asks him if he really thinks she’ll do it. He answers that she can’t let go of any patient in front of her (as in she will always try to save the patients she come across). She takes back her pen from him and steps on it angrily and leaves.

Na Kyung sits outside the hospital crying. Heo Joon stands behind the door, cannot bring himself to face her. Sang Ho grabs her hand and takes her away.

Heo Joon had finally found the doctor who had saved his wife’s killer, but he was one step late as Kwang Gook got to him first. The doctor asks Kwang Gook what happened to the man he saved back then.

And we see a man, on a hospital bed, unconscious.

Kwang Gook says that he’s dead.

and the man open his eyes.


Who is the killer? What are their connections to each other? Everything is keeping me in suspense!!!

I still like Sang Ho a lot because he’s so nice and sincere towards Na Kyung. SO CUTE 🙂 However, we can slowly see that Heo Joon and Na Kyung relationship is getting slightly a little more complicated. Since Heo Joon knows Sang Ho likes Na Kyung, he’s not going to steal her away, right? HAHAHA~~~ because I want Sang Ho to be with Na Kyung!

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