Must Watch Korean Movie: Bleak Night

I just finished watching the korean film, Bleak Night and I thought I should share it with everyone. I wanted to watch it for quite some time already but I only had some time today to watch it.

It’s an awesome movie and I thought everyone should watch it. The characters & the story is reality itself. It’s a wonderful piece of work.

Bleak Night is about 3 best friends in high school. One of them, Ki Tae, committed suicide and his father is trying to find out more about why his son might have done that. He finds it weird that 3 good friends ended up that way. One dead, One moved (Becky/ Hee Joon) , and the other close all contacts with others (Doon Joon) and didn’t attend the funeral.

The film is dark and depressing, so depressed people should not watch it.

I really liked the characters a lot. They were real characters, and the story is so close to reality and it’s probably reality itself.

One note though, you need 100% concentration for this film.

I’ll do a recap when I feel like it, but right now, I’m still crying 😦

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