King 2 Hearts: Reviews

This drama is good, okay not just good, it’s GREAT. It’s funny at the right moments and it’s really interesting at how they tackle issues about the north & south Korea thingy.

I was hesitant at first when they announced the casting because I thought they wouldn’t look good together. Oh well, the drama proved me wrong! Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi have an amazing chemistry together and I love every bickering moment of theirs. The accent adds a little bit of fun too 🙂

In case you’re thinking about Spy Myung Wol which revolves around a similar issue (north and south korea), just to let you know, it’s different. It’s very different.

Firstly, Ha Ji Won is not a spy. I thought I read somewhere saying that she is – but so far, after 4 episodes, she is not a spy (not sure if she’ll be one further on – but that will make things even more interesting). Secondly, Lee Seung Gi plays an ass very well. HAHA XDD. In the story, he’s really such an arrogant prince and even I feel like giving him a punch – but he’s not that bad and I still love his character! Then we have the secondary characters which are all fun to watch 🙂

I like the way they approached the difference between north & south – it’s really clever.

I think there is still a whole lot more coming and a great deal of fun 🙂

Be sure to catch it!!!

(*I know that Rooftop Prince is airing around the same time – and there is sort of a competition. I’ll do a comparison review soon – but I love both dramas.)


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