Rooftop Prince: Review

So earlier, I wrote a review for King 2 Hearts and now I’m doing one for it’s competitor, Rooftop Prince.

I like the drama – it’s funny and interesting – with a few question marks as well. Let’s just look it, with a big picture.

It’s funny – a King time travels 300 years into the future and with his servants. So imagine people from ancient times being thrown in a world where everything is modern. You get a bunch of people changing in a lift – thinking it’s a covered room. You get a bunch of people bowing down to a money note because the king’s face is on it.

Well, it’s interesting isn’t it?

Of course – not without some question marks, if you look at it closely.

Ancient Times:

Firstly, in ancient times we have the crown prince Lee Gak (Yoochun) who wants to get married to a pretty lady. Bu Yong (Han Ji Min) was supposed to have been the candidate – but her sister, Hwa Yong (Jung Yoo Mi) who was jealous burned Bu Yong’s face which scarred her for life. Hwa Yong then became the crown princess.

Years later – Lee Gak gets along well with Bu Yong as she shares poems and riddles. Hwa Yong is jealous, but still shares a good relationship with Lee Gak. She sometimes uses Bu Yong craft-works as her own. However, one day, Hwa Yong is found dead in a pond and Lee Gak is heartbroken. He tries to look for the murderer, but ended up being transported into the future.

Modern Times:

We have Park Ha (Han Ji Min) and Sena (Jung Yoo Mi) who are half sisters. Sena dislikes Park Ha as she always get scolded on her behalf. She pretends that she never see anything when Park Ha gets driven away by a lorry.

Years later – Park Ha is overseas working and she bumps into the cousins, Tae Yong (Yoochun) & Tae Moo (Lee Tae Sung). Park Ha returns to Korea, with news about her father. Tae Moon accidently ‘killed’ (i don’t know if he really died) Tae Yong and goes back to Korea, telling the family Tae Yong is missing.


Confusing much? I’m really curious how they’re going to blend in both story together – because it can get really messy. It’s good for now but with romance in the picture…hmmmm…I’m really, really excited about how they’re going to make me happy with the story throughout. We have a history to deal with and the present as well.

We can’t have a king who stays in the modern world can we? How is the real Tae Yong going to appear? How is he going to love Park Ha? Will Park Ha love him? Park Ha loves the king? Are they the same? What about crown princess? Is he going to be not sad anymore and marry the sis-in law?

A lot of things can go wrong – but if they can do everything beautifully – it’s going to be one kick-ass drama.

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