WED-THU BATTLE: King 2 Hearts vs. Rooftop Prince

Okay, so the rating battles begin for wed-thu drama, King 2 Hearts & Rooftop Prince. Oh well, there’s other dramas competing as well, but these two are the ones creating a buzz online.

 Which one do you like better or fare better?

I like both. Yup – I’m greedy. I love well-written dramas and dramas which are properly executed. Honestly, before both dramas aired – I was reluctant about both. I hesitated about Ha Ji Won & Lee Seung Gi pairing, and also the story plot, for King 2 Hearts. As for Rooftop Prince, I worried about Yoochun being the male lead.

However, my worries were unfounded – and I have new worries instead.

King 2 Hearts

I love the chemistry between the leads – it’s AWESOME. They look really good together and I really love the accent that Ha Ji Won has – because it’s contrasting and it makes everything more fun. Story-wise, it’s interesting and I don’t think they fully laid out everything yet – there’s mystery surrounding everything and keeps me curious at what’s going to happen. It’s a clever tactic – and it’s fun because I can’t predict at what’s going to happen – which is a joy a viewer has.

Rooftop Prince

I don’t really like Yoochun as an actor as I find his acting awkward – but I think he’s doing well for this 🙂 I like the comedy and the unique factor of the drama. It gets a little confusing at times – but it’s good. I hope they maintain this standard throughout – because everyone knows how a rom-com can go wrong halfway. *cross fingers* don’t go down the wrong way please – because I love you drama!

Conclusion: Both dramas are different genres and awesome in their own way. You should watch both seriously! Let’s just hope none of them turn awry halfway because I get depressed every time a drama does that to me. hahaha.

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