Rooftop Prince: The downfall

Hey guys~~ This is a mid-term review of Rooftop Prince and I think most of the viewers understand what I’m thinking regarding the show.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous articles, I’ve hesitated about the drama quite a number of times, because of the time-issue and some other minor details. Looks like my suspicions were right and the drama is going downhill in it’s second half which is such a pity.


The last few remaining episodes have been such a disappointment and left me frustrated. We suddenly have so many sub-plots which were not really necessary (attempt murder, murder-and-get-away, locking someone, preventing someone to come for the will, and another attempt murder). Seriously, was ALL of that necessary?!

You’re not focusing drama!

Right now at episode 18, we’re coming back where we left off in the first episode. Actually, in the first episode, I did have strong suspicions that the person who died in the lake, wasn’t crown princess but Bu Yong. I was expecting them to “reveal the face”, but they didn’t and they just continued the story that 2 months passed (or something like that, from what I remembered). So I took it as, okay, maybe the princess really died and Tae Mu killed her.

However at this recent episode, it looks like Bu Yong is the dead person after all. And…wait, what?! They don’t look at dead people for the last time? How can you think that the dead person was the crown princess for 2 months?! You didn’t see the face for the last time?

Oh and…if they like to connect the dots of family lines of the Joseon times & the current times, who the hell is Tae Mu in the past life? They sure didn’t bother to add him in, and we have like 2 episodes left?

There is just so much things which left me frustrated. For example, the company. We don’t need that, seriously. I get it, Tae Mu wants the company and that’s what drives him to kill. However, since when was he so evil? It’s like as if he turned evil overnight after accidently ‘killing’ Tae Yong. That has left me bothered since like forever.

Secondly, the mother and lost daughter reunion. That plot is so lame, seriously. It’s something the viewers all knew, but the characters took too long – and the story went around in circles.

Thirdly, the grandmother. What exactly is her role or purpose of her character?! Okay, she’s the one with the money. Maybe Tae Mu wanted her acknowledgement that he’s good, or maybe he just wants her money – whatever, because it wasn’t properly executed. She just ends up being an annoying grandmother who just loves her grandson too much – for no apparent reason.

Lastly, the countless times of failures by the villains. They have never been successful – just annoying. How to have a good villain? It’s when they ARE evil and do some things which will up the level of tension in the story. They have never properly win any fight or plot any successful things against the rest – which just leaves the viewers calling them stupid or irritating. Right? The villains have to be good enough to make the conflict better, but yeah – it’s flat.

Oh well, we’re left with the last two episodes, and I do hope they’re wrap it up nicely – and not to messily, like it’s not enough already. (Please don’t do the – go back to Joseon, and time changes back to where it was way before. Or the forgetting everything – nothing happened – and they lived happily ever after – if those are the endings – seriously, it’s horrible.)

Despite the second-half of the drama being bad, the first half is still worth mentioning, because it was fun. It was funny and cute. Funny and cute brings you only a certain distance. Alrights – shall get over it already.

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