King 2 Hearts: A beautifully crafted love story despite being unrealistic

I’ve finally wrapped up watching King 2 Hearts. I know that it ended it’s run about a week ago, but I wasn’t prepared back then to give a closure to the drama. It was an awesome ride all along, and I read some spoilers about Eun Shi Kyung dying, so I avoided watching the last 3 episodes for a week. HAHA!

This is my last post on King 2 Hearts as I give it a proper closure and spaz on how the drama have been tugging at my heartstrings all these while.

If you’re still considering this drama, or you’ve watched it, or whatever your case is, look through my thoughts and share with me if you think this drama is going to be a memorable one.

I was hesitant and doubtful of the pairing at first. Reluctant to watch it, I shoved the drama aside for another drama in the same timeslot. However, I read some good reviews on its first two episodes, so I decided to watch it myself. I was surprised and happy that it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

To enjoy the drama, we have to take it for what it is – a drama. It’s unrealistic logically, as everyone knows that South & North Korea is not on good terms and the storyline might put off some viewers at first. However, if we watch the drama without any thoughts about the reality – it’s a great story.

I loved every single character in the story and I think everyone had a chance to shine. It’s wasn’t just pure 2-dimensional characters. There’s character growth in all the main characters, and that’s one of the most important thing in a drama or a story.

First of all, Lee Seung Gi & Ha Ji Won pulled off as being a couple really well. Their age difference doesn’t show at all – and they look really good together. Their love story was difficult, and cute, and when we get to the end, it’s a sweet ending.

My favorite character is Eun Shi Kyung. His character died at Episode 19 and left me with a broken heart. I’m still sad that the drama killed him off! His character had a crush on the princess – and finally gained some courage but died. 😦

Okay, let’s stop at that depressing point. I hate the fact that he died, as I thought it was unnecessary for the drama to kill him off. I guess they needed that amount of emotional impact on us. EVIL.

Overall, it might not have been perfect all the time and there might be weird conflicts, but I still think it’s a great drama and I loved every bit of it.

Cheers 🙂

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