[DRAMA] Bridal Mask: First Impression & Review


I like it so far, but it’s left me wondering what could the ending be since such dramas have a limited ending choice. You know – it’s either they die, or they escape somewhere or open ending? I don’t like those endings, but I hope the journey is worth it, because it seems like it will be for now.

I like the set up of the drama – you know? It’s unlike other dramas which is either a saguek, or a modern-present day drama. These days there’s been quite a few dramas experimenting with different types of set-up, like Lights & Shadows and Queen In Hyun’s Man (which is a fusion – mix of saguek & modern).

There was another drama which I watched, which is of a similar set-up to Bridal Mask, which was Capital Scandal which starred Kang Ji Hwan.

First of all, I like the show. It’s got pretty action scenes and the drama is at a good pace right now.

However, I do find the freedom fighters plot a little too similar. As I’ve mentioned, I watched Capital Scandal which is a different story, but these two dramas have quite a lot in common.

First similarity: We have the female lead which is a freedom fighter and have a tough personality, who hates the main lead at first but will fall in love later.

Second similarity: We have the male lead who supports the Japanese at first – or at least pretend to – who will change sides and support Joseon in the later part of the drama. (Joowon hasn’t change sides yet in Bridal Mask – but I think he would)

Third similarity: We have the courtesan who is working undercover.

Anyway, despite those similarities, I am looking forward to Joowon’s character’s development because he’s the most interesting character right now in the story. He’s being such a cute little ass 🙂 HAHAHA!

I am curious as to how they’re going to mend the relationship of Kang Ho (Joowon) & Mok Dan as they’re on bad terms right now. I hope they don’t make use of the knife and their history to mend it, because that will be so…LAME. I would prefer it if she falls for him – or likewise, without knowing that the other person is their lover from their childhood. That would be more interesting wouldn’t it? Rather than some “Oh, you’re my long-lost lover, and I forgive you for everything?”~~

Oh well, let’s cross our fingers and hope that it will be a great story throughout. Oh, and if you don’t catch what I’m thinking, I’m telling you that the story is pretty good for now and you might want to consider watching it. I can’t say for sure, it will be awesome till the end, I’m hoping it would because it involves Joowon 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

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