[DRAMA] I DO I DO: First Impression & Review


It’s fun and nice – but not entirely original plot we have here, let’s hope they work it out!

I like the drama. Yes, I do. It’s funny and nice, with a mix of angst and conflict – but the plots we have in the drama seems all too similar to me.

First point – Successful Careerwoman  who loses her job, and getting outed by rival lady. (Similar plot from Queen of Reversals)

Second point – A ‘one-night stand’ incident which leaves her pregnant and she decides to keep the baby as it would be hard to be pregnant in future. (Similar plot from Ojakgyo Brothers)

Okay, besides those obviously similar plots, I do like the drama generally, for now. I like the relationship between the leads right now, and I do hope for more development between them. I don’t really like Im Soo Hyang’a role or acting in the drama, as of yet. It’s as if she’s such a bimbo or just a bad actress – but I did like her in Tales of A Gisaeng. Maybe it’s just the role. Then again, I hope they don’t write out such a bad character. Oh and…I don’t think I’m the only one who fins Kim Sun Ah’s voice annoying at times. HAHA. Oh well, at least her acting is good.

Let’s hope the drama will be good 🙂

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