Poetry is a Korean film which aired in 2010 and won the Cannes Best Screenplay Award. I had some free time recently, so I decided to watch some movies instead of dramas.

I heard good things about this movie, so I decided to give it a try. True enough, the movie is beautifully written, but personally, I think it’s a bit too long. The movie runs for an estimated total of 2 hours and 22 minutes. It’s definitely not meant for everyone – I probably could imagine the look on some people faces watching this.

I’ll do a short review on the movie. 

The movie is about this old lady who enrolls herself in a poetry class, because she wants to learn to write a poem. Her everyday life involves in working part-time as a maid, and taking care of her grandson. One day she finds out that her grandson was involved in a rape case, together with 5 other boys, which caused a girl to commit suicide.

The movie is a very slow movie. I meant that in a good way actually. It moves slowly, showing us each dialogue carefully. It feels very different from those normal film where the pace is quick.

In the movie, the dads of the 5 other boys try to settle things with the victim’s family and give out a compensation. The old lady gives her share too, but she does something else as well.

Honestly, I find the movie beautiful. It’s touching. The only thing I couldn’t bear with was the duration. HAHA! I just thought that the movie would still be beautiful if it was shorter. Oh well.

Overall, I liked it – but it’s really not for everyone. People with no patience should stay away. LOL.

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