My Current Addiction: Can We Get Married


Can We Get Married is a drama about couples and their different views on marriage, and all who are going though a different phrase of marriage.

I tried out this drama because I heard good things about it and I’m glad I started watching it. It’s plain addictive and it’s so fun to watch. There are a total of 4 couples inside, excluding the parents of the main leads.

4 couples – One about to get married, One who dated for 5 years but no plans for marriage, One who is divorcing and lastly One who started dating late.

My favorite couple is actually Ki Joong & Dong Bi. They dated for 5 years, but Ki Joong has no intention of marriage. His reasons – because he doesn’t know about Dong Bi’s family. Ki Joong owns a restaurant and is from a well to do family, and he is cautious of his father. He doesn’t want to get married, but agrees to an arranged marriage to get investment from his father.

I really like how they interact with each other. Despite Ki Joong being so honest with his feelings and probably hurting Dong Bi in the process, Dong Bi still loves him and doesn’t hate him.

I shall not post spoilers here – in case any of you will start watching it. Anyway, I’m rooting for them to get married! (I haven’t finish the show yet, currently at ep 14)

The center of the story is actually Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon. They are about to get married, they love each other a lot but the wedding process is making them give up. Hye Yoon comes from a single parent family. Her mother is harsh with words and is always planning to marry off her  daughter to rich family. Jung Hoon comes from a nice family who is well to do. During the wedding process, they hurt each other – insult each others’ parents and have endless arguments. Will they be able to get married?

Hye Jin & Do Hyun is a couple who is seeking for divorce. Hye Jin was the perfect wife, but when Do Hyun cheats on her, she loses her last strand and prepares for a divorce. She was his second wife. He divorced his first wife for her. They have a son together. As the battle of divorce begins, the painful war starts as well.

Deul Rae has been living a life according to her sister’s methods. She’s old and not married – no dating experience as well. She finally finds joy in riding a bike – and meets Minho who is a divorcee.

Anyway, I really think this drama is a good watch. Do catch it if you have the time 🙂


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