Movie Review: My P.S Partner


My P.S Partner (Whatcha Wearin) is a mature film, so those underage people stay away. Basically, it’s a movie about phone sex, when a lady who calls the wrong number and end up having phone sex with a total stranger.

There is a cut version, as well as the uncut version – so you can take your pic.

Hyun Seung just broke up with his girlfriend, and he is so upset and wasted. He receives a random call from a girl one lonely night.

Yoon Jeung is anxious and waiting for her boyfriend to propose to her. To tempt him, she calls him, trying to engage in a phone sex but ends up calling a stranger.

After that incident, Hyun Seung called Yoon Jeung again and they got into an argument before Hyun Seung ended up crying and Yoon Jeung comforting him. They soon form a friendship and pour out each other’s woes.

However, one random day, Yoon Jeung decided to call him out to meet. She decided it was a bad idea, and wanted to go back, but changes her mind and meets him anyway after seeing him.

They ended up sleeping together, and still maintain a close friendship. However, Yoon Jeung thinks it over and decide to stop meeting. Hyun Seung is upset.

Yoon Jeung’s boyfriend finally proposes to her.

I shall not say anything more because then it would be a spoiler.

Overall, the show is funny and the relationship both of them had was pretty sweet.

Actually I was pretty surprised that Ji Sung did this movie. I mean…his girlfriend and him must have a good relationship.

I would say this movie is a good watch for those who are looking for something light and funny, but open-minded about the theme. Of course, it’s necessary to be of age to watch this. Under-age people, stay away.

One thought on “Movie Review: My P.S Partner

  1. My first attempt at watching this movie was just that, an attempt. After 16 minutes into the movie I stopped watched. Two months later I decided to give it another go and I am glad because “My P.S. Partner,” turned out to be great. It’s one of those movie that make me smile just by thinking it and that for me is something special. ❤

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