REVIEW: Incarnation Of Money


I wanted to watch this for quite some time, but I was too busy. I watched the first two episodes a few days back, and finally got some time yesterday, so I watched the remaining 12 episodes yesterday. 


I really love this drama to bits, and I could feel it turning into one of my favorite dramas in 2013 if the rest of the episodes remain just as good. 

The pace is good, the plot is good and the characterization of Kang Ji Hwan & Park Sang Min is amazing. I’m actually quite amazed at the story because it balances the tone of the drama really well. It’s funny, without being entirely a comedy and it’s serious without being too dark or melo. 

If there was no recaps on this, I would have done it – but dramabeans are doing the recaps, so you guys can head there. 

Ahead, is a brief summary of episode one to episode 14 and will contain spoilers.

Lee Kang Suk/ Lee Cha Don (Kang Ji Hwan) family was broken apart by Eun Bi Ryeong & Ji Se Gwang. Eun Bi Ryeong was his father’s mistress while Ji Se Gwang was someone his father raised. Ji Se Gwang holds a grudge against LCD’s father and is secretly dating Eun Bi Ryeong.

When LCD’s father found out about the affair, he plots to kill them and tells his secretary cum lawyer about his plan. However, he ended up dying instead as three of them went against him. Ji Se Gwang frames LCD’s mother for the murder, and plays innocent by being her defense lawyer. She ends up going into a mental hospital, to gain a chance of freedom in future. 

Lee Cha Don knows that there is something fishy and he finds a reporter and a policeman to tell them about Ji Se Gwang, but they turn their back on him instead. He got into a car accident while being chased. 

Bok Jae In’s mother took him in, and when she realize that Lee Cha Don is more than smart (he loses his memory instead) decides to take him in as a son, which he refuses. He goes into an orphanage, and without him knowing, Bok Jae In’s mother finances his studies. 

Lee Cha Don grows up to be a prosecutor and there he meets with Ji Se Gwang. He and Ji Se Gwang are in bad terms. Ji Se Gwang is a rightful prosecutor – aiming to stop corruption, while Lee Cha Don is filling his pockets.

After being caught by Ji Se Gwang, Lee Cha Don resigns. He decides to enter a mental hospital to find a client (who is his mother) who is worth a lot of money, and in there he finally regains his memory. 

His mother passes away and Lee Cha Don vows revenge on the people who destroyed his family. 

My Opinions

I really like how Lee Cha Don & Ji Se Gwang’s characters are written like. They aren’t exactly good or bad. Lee Cha Don fills his pocket when he was a prosecutor and is corrupt, however, he is not really evil. He just likes money. Ji Se Gwang kills a man and become a rightful prosecutor who wants to stop corruption. However, he do bad deeds when it concerns his murder. 

Bok Jae In really loves Lee Cha Don I guess. From young till old, she’s forever on a one-sided crush on him and tries her best to make him like her. I’m not sure if she’s going to make his life difficult from this episode onwards, but we all know she love him to bits. 

Jeon Ji Hoo is a female prosecutor who used to work with Lee Cha Don. She likes and respect Ji Se Gwang a lot. I find that her character could be flesh out more because I think she will be the main person to actually capture Ji Se Gwang in the end.

Overall, I really love this drama right now and I can’t wait to see how LCH will plot his revenge. I do hope for a happy ending obviously. Maybe he’ll end up donating all his fortune?


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