Latest Updates & Recommendations please~!

Hello 🙂

Let’s do a short update on the drama’s I’m currently watching. Okay, so firstly, my latest love is Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love. The drama is so pretty and lovely. I love the fact that the leads are in love with each other, yet aware that they are not supposed to be with each other. However, as much as I love how things are going on right now, I hope it will remain this awesome right till the end.

As we all should know, Choi Sukbin (the King’s lady after Jang Ok Jung) will come inside the story at one point of time. As history mentioned, the King sort of like her, or maybe loved her. I mean none of us will know the truth right? As in, only the people involved will truly know. Historians might always misunderstand. I hope that the drama doesn’t make it seem as though the King loved her. It will be so heartbreaking, wouldn’t it??? The perfect King who fell in love with Jang Ok Jung actually let his heart waver for another girl. It would be acceptable if he likes her, not love her. I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but I just hope the love between the King & Ok Jung last all the way till the end.

More updates

As for the other dramas I’m catching (list on the left side of my blog), it’s all pretty slow as of now. Excluding Fugitive of Joseon, I Summon You Gold, Last Cinderella and Ten 2.

I’m actually disappointed with Gu Family Book. 8 episodes have aired so far, but there’s not much progress at all. Despite the ratings doing well, story wise, I think it’s way behind Jang Ok Jung. First 2 episodes were the background story, which was good to me. However, the mood quickly disappears in the next few episodes. I felt that the pace of the story should have been faster. It’s pretty boring to see similar scenes (Chung Jo & Lee Yeon Hee’s character) as well – despite it supposed to be written that way.

The whole drama feels like a joke to me. I thought it would be nice if the tone was a little bit more darker, more mysterious, create more tension and the pace was faster. I mean the drama deals with Gumiho & Phantoms – so shouldn’t it be more towards the dark side?

I just hope that they will quicken the pace, and bring back Choi Jin Hyuk (Wol Ryung). Things should get interesting with him back because he’s the only winner for me in this drama.

As for 100 years Inheritance, I’m glad that Chaewon & Seyoon have come clean with their feelings for each other. However, the storyline is a little bit too slow. I hate the fact that we all still don’t know the relationship between Seyoon & Chunhee yet. They gave us an idea since episode 1 that there is a special relationship – but now it’s 34 episodes in, and there’s not even a single clue.

It’s so frustrating. A lot of speculations that they share a mother-son relationship, but I hope it’s not that. I mean if Chunhee had a son who she lost, she’ll probably told Chaewon’s dad. If they really share that relationship, that isn’t the Seyoon-Chaewon ship already gone up in flames?

I’m just irritated that the storyline is so slow and we have not one, but two evil mothers in the drama. However, I don’t want to drop the drama, because despite all that, I still have some liking for the drama.

All About My Romance is boring. Dead boring. The reason why I watch it? The leads. I like the main leads – but this drama is seriously dead boring. Either get together or don’t. There are some good points despite my dislike of the storyline. It is sometimes hilarious, but other than those times, it’s boring.

Ten 2 & Last Cinderella airs one episode per week, so it’s pretty easy on viewers – we won’t say it’s slow because there’s only one episode per week. The pace of the story will not really affect us. However, I hate the wait. I have a feeling as though Ten 2 won’t be as good as the first season, and I really hope I’m proved wrong. Last Cinderella is a cute J-drama which I currently adore, and I hate having to wait one week before the next episode.

I haven’t started on I Summon You Gold, but I’ll probably start on it in a few days time. I’m not really keen on taking up a weekend drama because there are too much episodes and it’s hard finding one which is really good. I heard good reviews about Lee Soon Shin, but I’m giving that a miss because I’m not really keen on IU. As a singer, I acknowledge her talents but as an actress, I’m not sold. Watching a weekend drama with a idol-actress is really …meh? It will be too much of sweet – and before I know it, I’ll get bored.

But why I’m going to start on Gold? It’s sounds boring – but I like the casts, and I just thought I’ll try it because I like the casts.

All those put aside, anyone wants to recommend me a good movie/j-drama???

I’m looking for a good movie – rom/com movie. Something like Wonderful Radio or Love 911. Don’t give me those rom/melo movies like Always/Only You.

And I’m looking for good j-dramas as well. Preferably those like idol dramas (don’t name me remakes. I’m not a fan of remakes). I’ve watched quite a number of j-dramas myself – and I’ve run out of idea of what to watch. I like those with older woman-younger man or on the shelf woman…etc? You get it right? Most importantly the drama must be aired after 2006. I don’t really like watching old j-dramas. Sorry to say.

Do give me any recommendations. You can even drop some tw or chinese dramas/movies if you think it’s good.

2 thoughts on “Latest Updates & Recommendations please~!

  1. Thank goodness, finally someone who is disappointed with Gu Family book. Almost everyone online is saying how great it is and how it ‘makes their heart beat so fast.’ So I thought there must be something wrong with me. I attempted to watch this series TWICE but gave up each time.

  2. Lol. I agree. I hate the first half of it, but from episode 13 onwards, the story is starting to pick up and I’m liking it so far. But I still hate the first half. Hahaha.

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