K-DRAMA: I Summon You Gold (Gold Appear!)


I started this drama because I liked the cast, and I had no high expectations of it at all. Honestly, I was ready for a boring weekend family drama. However, despite preparing myself that much, I wanted to watch it because I just like the casts inside.

However after watching 8 episodes so far, I’m so pleased with myself for picking out this to watch. I know it’s too early to say as we’re not even halfway though the drama yet, but somehow, I feel like this is going to be a worthwhile ride.

First Impressions, summary & thoughts (spoilers ahead):

I love the characters inside the drama. Strong characters are always a plus point for any drama, especially so for a family drama since they have a lot of episodes. Dry characters gets on your nerves.

So basically, the three brothers all come from different mothers and Park Hyun Soo (Yun Jung Hoon) is the one from the official wife of the chairman. Park Hyun Joon (Lee Tae Sung) is the son of the live-in “wife” with the chairman, and Park Hyun Tae (Park Seo Joon)  is the maknae from the other woman, who lives separately (but is being supported by the chairman).

The one who is with all the power as of now is Park Hyun Joon, together with his mother Jang Duk Hee (Lee Hye Sook) and his wife Sung Eun (Lee Soo Kyung). The other one who has power is Park Hyun Soo‘s wife Yoona (played by Han Ji Hye).

So far, I find the character Yoona refreshing. However, I think she’s not of a main concern as of now, but might be a problem in the later part of the drama. She’s rude like no other, and is so straight-forward that I give her all the plus points.

Jung Mong Hee (Han Ji Hye) decides to play Hyun Soo’s wife when Yoona goes missing, to make money for her younger sister’s wedding. Her younger sister, Jung Mong Hyun (Baek Jin Hee), gets married with Park Hyun Tae. HAHA.

As of now, I simply adore Mong Hyun & Hyun Tae‘s relationship. Mong Hyun is a daughter who listens to everything her mother says. She agrees to the marriage to please her family. Hyun Tae has no say in the wedding. Despite Mong Hyun looking like she’s going to be easy to bully, Park Hyun Joon’s mother soon realize that she’s not as easy as she thought she was. I have a feeling that she totally regretted picking her out as Hyun Tae’s wife.

Hyun Tae is cold towards Mong Hyun, but actually favors her. He is touched when Mong Hyun treats his mother well, and even let his mother take a wedding portrait as a family. Basically saying, she is not afraid of Hyun Joon’s mother or her sister-in-law, Sung Eun.

I can’t wait to see them fall for each other, especially for Hyun Tae to fall for Mong Hyun.

Mong Hee’s relationship with Hyun Soo is hilarious, in a good way. However, sadly as of now, I don’t really like the character Hyun Soo. He seems to be too easy going, and it feels like he has no pride or backbone. Of course, I’m not saying rich guy have to be all broody and arrogant  – we have the adorable Hyun Tae for that. However, if his character was supposed to be someone who is nice to everyone, I thought it could have been better.

Putting the drama aside, can I mention how I totally love Lee Soo Kyung’s character. I love her hair and I love her role. Han Ji Hye is not bad herself, but as of now I’m actually liking Lee Soo Kyung & Baek Jin Hee as the actress more. Of course, I still love Han Ji Hye. I’m also keeping my eyes on Park Seo Joon, who is such a cutie.

Overall, I’m loving the drama so far and I so can’t wait to see more episodes. I don’t think it will get boring because besides the successor story, we still have more other plots so accomplish  – like when Yoona returns, the real birth of Mong Hee, Mong Hee becoming a successful designer, Mong Hyun & Hyun Tae falling in love, etc.

In short, I have great expectations for this drama now.

2 thoughts on “K-DRAMA: I Summon You Gold (Gold Appear!)

  1. I recently giving a try to this drama and I have to admit I watch it just for MongTae couple. At first I really adore every one and each of the characters,then as usual for a family drama, it becomes boring I can’t stand it. Guess that because I’m a fan of Baek Jinhee since High Kick 3 and Park Seo Jun that is super adorable along with a warming storyline makes me never get tired of this couple.

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