Jang Ok Jung vs Bu Bu Jing Xin

There were talks about how Jang Ok Jung was the ‘korean version’ of Bu Bu Jing Xin. It’s not the remake of BBJX, but rather it was said to be similar because of the “love that cannot be due to politics”.

I’ve always thought that no other drama could do it as good as BBJX. However, while watching the first few episodes of JOJ, I thought that maybe it could deserve the title of ‘korean version’. However, as the episodes goes by, JOJ is far from being the ‘korean version’ of BBJX.

In BBJX, Rouxi and the King had fallen in love and they went through many obstacles, yet couldn’t be together. Their love was considered pure. It was the politics of the palace, the little misunderstandings which led to them being torn apart.

However, in JOJ, their once pure love turned into a battle as JOJ tries her best to stay in the palace. She gangs up with evil uncle, and plots to chase the Queen out. She harms the Queen Mother out of revenge.

I’ve mentioned this a lot of times, but this drama was supposed to be on a different perspective. As they mentioned it that way, I thought they’ll make JOJ innocent, and maybe little misunderstandings led her to being ‘abandoned’ by the king and finally poisoned. However, with the flow of the drama right now, it’s the exact same thing as what history tells us.

Jang Ok Jung is a woman of greed. I mean, no matter how much you love someone, how could you plot to kill his mother? No matter how desperate you are, it is just morally wrong. We all know JOJ is going to die, but looking at how the drama is written, I won’t even feel sad if she died. Why? Because she deserves it.

It feels as though I’m watching two different dramas. The first 10 episodes belong to a different drama, and the next half of it feels like a different drama. All the evil plots, Choi Sukbin, Chi Soo – all appears late into the show, and right now it feels like everything is cramming in.

I’m just so disappointed beyond words. It would have been really great if they had written the character JOJ to be innocent till the end. That she was not as greedy as they said. That she did not plot to chase the Queen out.

It could have been one great drama, but sadly, that looks impossible right now.

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