Okay, people. I’ve watched the first two episodes of TvN’s Who Are You and it’s COOOOLLLL. HAHA. I meant I like it a lot. It was a good first two episodes, but I’m not sure yet how it will turn out in the later episodes.

The first episode was pretty creepy but interesting. So we have Yang Shi On who wakes up from a 6 year coma and is able to see ghosts. 6 years ago, she was with her boyfriend, Lee Hyung Joon who had secretly raided a ship and was killed by someone (I shall name this person X). Shi On saw him being killed, but she didn’t saw the murderer. However, there’s a high chance that X is probably someone Lee Hyung Joon knows because he looked shocked before he died.

We also have Cha Gun Woo, an officer in the same department (Loss & Found) as Shi On, who is hmmm. I don’t know how to describe his character. He’s supposed to be hot-tempered, but I guess…something is off somewhere. We also have Im Sung Chan, another officer in the department (pretty eye candy. Heh.)

So far, I don’t have much to complain. I find the drama pretty cool and fun to watch. However, I am afraid that the drama might fall into the same department as Nail Shop Paris which was terrible. Right now, Shi On is seeing ghosts and helping them addressing their issues. It feels a bit like Ghost Whisperer, right? Lol. I’m okay with this, but I hope they don’t drag that for too long. NSP made the whole drama feels like it was all about them helping people who came to the shop and nothing else.

I hope that the first few episodes will help Shi On come to terms that she can actually see ghosts. Once she stabilized and accept that fact, I want the cute ghost to appear, who is also the ghost she’ll probably love and be scared of at the same time, Lee Hyung Joon. His appearance will probably make her confused, scared and sad at the same time.

Let’s hope the drama doesn’t go the same road as NSP.

Acting wise, I find Taecyeon a bit lacking. He’s no longer awkward with the scenes, but…right now, he seems exaggerating with his lines and facial expressions. It’s like…hmmmm…fake? It’s no longer awkward, but the facial expressions sometimes is a little too much. I really wonder why they pick him though…out of all the good looking and good young actors out there? But I have no particular issues with him yet. Ahahaha. His acting actually improved a lot since Dream High and Cinderella Sister, but like I said, control those expressions.

Anyway, I think I have something creepily fun to watch in the next few weeks. Oh and I can’t wait for the new premiers next week 🙂

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