I’m not sure if I think too much because I’ve watched too many dramas with lots of twists and turns, so I wasn’t exactly convinced that Choi Moon Shik is the bad guy. However, with this week episode, it’s confirmed that he is the bad guy. Lee Hyung Joon strikes a deal with calculative shaman Jang Heebin, so that he could help Si Ohn gain her memory as well as unveil the truth behind the incident 6 years ago.

I’m glad that the only ghost she sees right now is her fiancé, because I can’t wait till she find out that he was the man she loved. Quickly find your ring! It’s cool that Hyung Joon could block Shi On from others because naturally, I would have thought people would see right through him since he is a ghost.

It’s so sad to see Hyung Joon witnessing that his lover is romancing another guy after forgetting all about him. I really hope she quickly remembers him! However, things shouldn’t be as simple as Moon Shik is the bad guy itself. It should be something bigger, and bad ass, but oh well, we can’t expect 100% in every aspect.

Anyway, this drama is great so far and yeah…I can’t wait for the love triangle to start. Hahaha.

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