K-MOVIE Review: Cold Eyes / Stakeout

Cold Eyes/ Stakeout was pretty good in my opinion. I didn’t feel bored at any one point of the film. However, the value of the film was a little lacking though.

It is mainly about a group of police who is cracking down a case of robbery, which was well executed. There is a lot of undercover chasing, some cool actions moves, but there wasn’t much of a story. The story part was lacking. However, it was still a good watch because I kind of liked it.

I just wished that there was more exchanges between Han Hyo Joo and Joo Woo Sung. You know…? They could have fight it out for at least 5 minutes in the entire film, but we didn’t even get to see that. Sad. Joo Woo Sung was an expert killer in the film, and I think no one could have won against him, so the way he died was a little disappointing. It could have been done slightly better.

Don’t take me wrong. It’s really a nice film, and not boring at all. It’s just that…I could not find the point of the film.

Worth watching 🙂

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