POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode One


Cable drama, Unemployed Romance aired it’s first episode yesterday, and of course I had to talk about it. I was waiting for this for quite a while for a few reasons. Firstly, I like both Lee Young Ah and Nam Goong Min. The second leads doesn’t hurt too. Secondly, the plot sounds fun. A writer who is living on unemployed benefits and her ex-boyfriend meeting each other. Thirdly, it’s a cable drama and only 10 episodes long. So due to those reasons, I just had to watch it. Well, the main reason is I love the leads.

So this drama takes on a different concept from the usual drama we always watch. The first 3 episodes will be focusing on Im Seung Hee (Lee Young Ah’s perspective) and the next 3 episodes will be focusing on Kim Jong Dae (Nam Goong Min’s perspective), and the last four episodes will be both of them together. Some might find it weird and not like it, but I’m okay with it.

Most probably, it means that for the first 3 episodes, we won’t be seeing Nam Goong Min at all, unless Lee Young Ah remembers him or something, like a flashback. And same thing goes for the next three episodes. However, the drama will be like any other dramas in the last four episodes. It’s an interesting concept, and it can work surely – only because this drama is aired on cable. It will never work on major channels – well, at least that’s my opinion.

So let’s talk about the first episode 🙂


Im Seung Hee is a writer for a small company and writes scripts for dramas which are not popular at all, and her ideas aren’t fresh. She lives with Moon Sun Joo, who is also a writer.



Im Seung Hee was supposed to be a co-writer with another popular writer for a drama, but she broke her arm and the chance went to Moon Sun Joo instead. Thus, Moon Sun Joo is now a better paid writer. However, Im Seung Hee doesn’t blame Sun Joo. Instead, she blames Kim Jong Dae instead.

There was a flashback that she was chasing Kim Jong Dae up an escalator, and she fell backwards when her heel broke.


She visits a sauna with her sis and two kids, and overheard some ahjummas gossiping, and she decides to fish out for ideas. She pretends to be a mom of a kid and joins them in their gossip.


One day, Hwang Wan Ha, a lawyer comes over to Im Seung Hee’s house as he had an appointment with Sun Joo. However Sun Joo was delayed and Seung Hee brought Wan Ha out to dinner. Wan Ha asked Seung Hee to list out the dramas she’s written and was confident that he would probably heard the drama before as he watches a lot of TV. However, when she does list it out, we can totally see that he has no idea those dramas existed. HAHA.




They stroll down a park together, and Wan Ha asks Seung Hee if they’ve met before. Before Seung Hee could answer, Sun Joo arrived and they left for their discussion.

The drama ended up with Seung Hee finding out that the president owns a loan-shark and that the company has went bankrupt.


I liked the episode. It felt more like a sitcom, compared to a drama. It was easy to watch. I don’t know about Seung Hee and Jong Dae history, but from the flashback, it looked like Jung Dae was angry at Seung Hee. From that small flashback, it felt that it was Seung Hee’s fault that Jong Dae got angry and left. Of course Seung Hee chased after him, and fell down the escalator.

As for Wan Ha and Seung Hee history, I have no idea. Maybe they met before. We’ll have to wait to find out. Anyway, Wan Ha looks like he is clearly a nice guy who likes Seung Hee.

Lastly, Sun Joo…doesn’t strike me as important that much…maybe she likes Wan Ha…or maybe not, and likes Jung Dae? From the synopsis from here and there, it seems like she will be Jung Dae’s new girlfriend.

In conclusion, I think this drama will be a fun watch. It won’t be makjang or draggy, and would be pretty easy on the eyes I think. It feels so light-hearted and simple, that I wish more dramas were like this.



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