POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 3


Another episode of Unemployed Romance 🙂

The past is revealed, confessions are made, and a brand new start and relationship 🙂

After ranting on how Episode 2 of UR was a disappointment, I’m glad that Episode 3 managed to pull me back in. There are good points of the drama, but there are also many flaws with it. For the first time, I glad that this drama is only airing one episode per week. Since they only air one episode per week, it gives me enough time to breathe and get over the disappointments before the next episode. It’s like if you watch too much of a ‘bad’ drama, you feel sick and want to quickly cut if off.

Unemployed Romance, isn’t exactly bad, it’s just that it’s a new concept and can be considered like a trial, thus it’s not perfect.

Anyway, we’re done with 3 episodes from Im Seung Hee’s perspective, and the next 3 episodes will have Kim Jong Dae as the main focus 🙂

Now let’s talk about Episode 3


Seung Hee cries at the broadcast station, and accidentally reveals her face to the audience, which was captured on camera. The three ahjummas watched the program and gossiped about her. After the program, they called her up to meet with her.


They asked her if it was her, and asked why she tricked them, saying that she was married and a mother to get close to them. Lawyer Hwang Wan Ha saw that she was in trouble and pretended to be her husband.


Seung Hee explains why she did it to Lawyer Hwang, and while talking, Lawyer Hwang reveals that he remembered where they met before. Seung Hee remembers Jong Dae, and asked if he is Jong Dae’s friend. It’s a fact, thus Lawyer Hwang didn’t deny it. However, Seung Hee took it the wrong way and runs off, thinking that he was just sympathizing with her because of Jong Dae.


It turns out that Seung Hee had wanted a break up, but Jong Dae told her to wait till his exams are over. There wasn’t a clear reason why she wanted a break up, but we get a hint that he was a self-centred boyfriend.

While out  meeting with a producer, Jong Dae thinks that Seung Hee is meeting with another guy and insults the guy. However, he ended up embarrassing himself and he runs off, leaving Seung Hee to chase after him, and falling off the escalators.


At the hospital, she told Sun Joo to give Jong Dae a call as her hand-phone was broken. We don’t know if she did, but Jong Dae did not appear at the hospital at all, and she was staying there for about a month. Her first loved remained as a scar.

Lawyer Hwang is giving legal advice to Sun Joo, at their apartment/office, and was surprised that the police accused Seung Hee of being a thief. It turns out that the office supplies were borrowed items, not the president. Seung Hee had sold off those items. HAHA.

Lawyer Hwang meets up with Seung Hee and goes on a hunt to find the president, as he had located her stolen car. They did found him, but the president got away running again, by saying that he needed to pee.


Seung Hee tells Lawyer Hwang to leave first as she had troubled him a lot already, however, he says that he can’t leave a girl on her own at night. AWWWWWWW 🙂

Seung Hee asks him why he treats her so well, and if it was due to sympathy because of Jong Dae. Lawyer Hwang mentions that he doesn’t think of Jong Dae when he thinks about her. He had met her as a nice pharmacy assistant way before he knew she was Jong Dae’s girlfriend.


Seung Hee finally remembers him, and ask again if he’s treating her well, because they knew each other.


Lawyer Hwang says that there is only one reason when a person treats another person well. Interest. He confesses that he is interested in her. *swoons*


He stands up and offers his hand to her, to which she took 🙂

After which, we cut to a scene where Seung Hee is trying to get her unemployment pay, and meets with the person she never thought she would meet again.


Uh Oh.


Suh Joon Young is stealing the thunder in this drama, as the sweet Lawyer Hwang who holds a crush on Seung Hee. Honestly, the characters in this drama aren’t that interesting, or rather, doesn’t have enough depth.

Seung Hee, is soft-hearted, and has a strike of bad luck since she broke off with Jong Dae. If this was a normal 16-episode drama airing twice a week, I would have wanted to shake her and scold her character for being so…emmm… dumb? HAHAHA. As in who in the world would believe the president, like she did. So gullible.

However, as this is a short drama, I understand that there might not be enough room for character growth, or depth.

There is just one thing which was really bothering me in this episode. I wondered if the break off scene, in the coffee shop, was shot separately. Why? Did they have conflicting schedules?

There was only one shot of them in the same frame, and though it looked like Lee Young Ah sitting opposite of Nam Goong Min, it might also be a double. The entire scene of the break up, was close up shots of each individual talking, which was kind of annoying. If it wasn’t a double, then…maybe the director has to take note? If it was due to conflicting schedules, I hope it won’t happen in the future, because it’s so weird to see the OTP filmed that way.

2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Episode 3

  1. I think every new episode of this drama is better that the previous one. As you said it is a new concept so I’m willing to wait and see.
    So far we’ve only have seen the story from the perspective of Seung Hee so something tells me that when we see Jong Dae’s side of the story things might be different. My guess is for the break up scene is that we only saw what she wanted us to see. The scene might be different if told by his perspective, no?
    And I LOVE our lawyer.. He is everything you would want him to be.. Right now, I want for them to end up together too but maybe as the story progresses we will change our mind.. But he is so perfect!!

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