POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Ep 5


Our couple go through  a short break-up and made-up again, and continue being a couple for 8 years. Wow. That’s long.

Episode 5 of Unemployed Romance was a little bit slow, and I did find it a little boring. I can’t wait for the next few episodes because, it’s the moment all viewers are probably waiting for! Just one more episode of Jong Dae’s side and we would finally have the two in the same timeline 🙂

And so, Jong Dae’s parents closed the Ribs Restaurant after it was suspended for falsely stating the origin of the meat, and they switched to a chicken place, and a smaller snack shop over the next 8 years. Jong Dae’s friends kept asking him to sleep with Seung Hee, and Jong Dae kept thinking about it every time he hangs out with Seung Hee. That’s a little turn off – HAHAHA. I know we’re all adults, but we always like our characters to be innocent. HAHAHA.

Jong Dae’s mother tells him to go to the military instead of studying, and Jong Dae tells her to give him a chance. If he passes the first round of the exam, he can continue studying. So he studied really hard, and passed the first round of the bar exam. After which he continued studying for the second round.

The World Cup season has arrived, and while everyone was having fun, Jong Dae is stuck in the library alone. As he left the place, he saw Seung Hee outside in a mini skirt, and got a nosebleed. Lol. Feeling the urge, he pulled Seung Hee into the woods to hug her, and accidentally tripped on her, which alerted the guards. Seung Hee was really embarrassed and ran off.

Jong Dae’s friends kept laughing at Jong Dae, saying that they had broke up and that Seung Hee would probably never go back to him. Jong Dae receives a call from Sun Joo. Jong Dae and Sun Joo sat awkwardly at the living room, as Jong Dae was under the impression that Seung Hee will be there later. However, Sun Joo admits that she lied and Seung Hee will not be coming. She kissed Jong Dae, after revealing that she had always liked him. Jong Dae was taken aback and pulled away.

Jong Dae continues to study hard for the second round of the exam, and on the very last day of the exam, he got a call that Seung Hee was sick. He hesitated, and ran off to save Seung Hee.

Seung Hee forgives Jong Dae and they got back together.


8 years later.

Jong Dae finishes his military, and since the ran-off from exam day, he hasn’t passed the exams at all and is considered to be in a slump. However, Seung Hee is doing well.


I like it that Jong Dae loves Seung Hee with all his heart, but I would have loved him more if he wasn’t that distracted by the thought of sleeping with her.

The drama is a little weird in a way, because the first three episodes which was done in Seung Hee’s perspective didn’t really show her feelings in the past. Instead, it showed her in the present. However, in Jong Dae’s case, it was all in the past, and no episodes of him in the present time. That’s a little sad. I would have liked it better if I could see a Jong Dae in the present time, in his perspective.

Anyway, Sun Joo is definitely the reason why Jong Dae didn’t turn up to see Seung Hee in the hospital, for sure. We’ll just have to wait for the next episode 🙂

As to why Jong Dae was so angry on the day Seung Hee hurt herself, I think it’s mainly because he was insecure. He was afraid that Seung Hee is really leaving him for good, because while Seung Hee is doing well, he is in a slump. It’s an ego-kind of thing I guess.

I think it would take a little more effort for me to be on Jong Dae’s side. I like it that he loves her a lot, but how can he win over adorable Wan Ha, who holds a crush all these while?


Not to mention, that he seems gentlemanly enough and wouldn’t think of sleeping with her 24/7.



5 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Unemployed Romance Ep 5

  1. Thank you for the recap and your thoughts on this episode. I too thought it was really slow and boring. I can’t believe there is still one more episode from Jong Dae’s point of view. I don’t know if I want to watch another episode about him. I think the writer short changed us a little bit by not showing us more of Seung Hee and what her thought were like back in college. Oh well. It gave us a nice introduction to the cute lawyer and I’m still on his ship until Jong Dae proves otherwise. Speaking of Mr. Lawyer, I wonder if they’ll show us how he becomes friends with the guys? Until next week.

  2. Yes this episode was really slow with the flashback. I really love the last episode, but it didn’t translate well over this episode. I’m guessing we have one more flashback before we get back to the present. I want the present! haha

    And def something is fishy with See Joo…

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