POV DISCUSSION: Bel Ami (Pretty Man) First Impressions


Alright, Bel Ami or rather known as Pretty Man (or Pretty Boy or Beautiful Man, or whatever else) has aired the first two episodes and let’s talk about it.

I’m not fully on board this drama – because it didn’t manage to get my 100% attention. I was bored for the first half of episode one, and then it started to pick up a little. But then again, for episode 2, there was still some boring parts, and then it was a little interesting here and there.

I understand that it’s a Manhwa adaptation, thus there are supposed to be some comic humour included. It’s all good – but the show feels somewhat a little disoriented. It’s like it can’t decide to be comical or makjang. I’ll prefer comical over makjang anytime – because hidden son of a big company? That’s like the x-th time being used in k-drama and that’s utterly boring.

I don’t like Han Chae Young. Something about her kind of bugs me – she’s pretty I know, but as an actress…hmmmm…I have a lot of question marks. I don’t know if Ma Te likes Bo Tong, but Bo Tong is a total fangirl! A pervert one. Hahaha!

As of now, I don’t know if I’ll like the show yet. I like some parts of it (like Bo Tong fangirling over Ma Te, and Ma Te knowing that she’s his ultimate fangirl, Jaek Hee who seems like a rich woman who is stupid in love – but in reality knows how valuable money is and is smarter than we think) – but hated most parts of it (the makjang, the seducing women part). I’ll have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Bel Ami (Pretty Man) First Impressions

    1. I don’t hate her…just….I don’t like her? Hahaha. As in, it’s totally not her fault but when she acts, I just don’t feel her. It’s like those actors you just don’t like for no particular reason.

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