POV DISCUSSION: Bel Ami (Pretty Man) Episode 3 & 4


This is a pleasant surprise. I didn’t like the first two episodes that much, but Episode 3 & 4 managed to win my heart.

I love the electric fairy! I hope that she’s not in the drama only temporary, and hopes she stays right till the end. I don’t know if she really have supernatural powers or not, but she’s a lot of fun to watch. It’s nice to see her making Yura angry as well, and doubt her own beliefs. She seems entangled with everyone and I like it because it sorts of give a mysterious vibe. Hah.

She clearly knows that Ma Te is doing this because of Yura, but even though she tries to control herself, she can’t help but to fall for him. So cute.

Anyway, I’m a little sad that Jaek Hee is gone 😦 She was really a nice character! Besides that, Choi David is such an adorable male version of Bo Tong!!! He’s so cute!!! I’m actually shipping him and Bo Tong together 🙂 Of course, it’s so obvious that Bo Tong is going to end up with Ma Te anyway. Wasted.

So in short, as long as drama continues this way, I might really fall heads over heels with it 🙂 Love the unique characters in it 🙂


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