POV DISCUSSION: Golden Rainbow Episode 1-8 (Summary w/pics)


Golden Rainbow is MBC weekend drama which has aired about 10 episodes. I was excited for this because the main leads is UEE & Jung Il Woo πŸ™‚

I thought of doing a First Impression post after watching the first two episodes, but decided to do a review only after I watch more episodes because Golden Rainbow has a long childhood portion. I tend to dislike dramas with Childhood portions because 99% of the time it involves a super dramatic makjang storyline like birth secrets or hidden murders or whatever else which is dramatic.

Of course, GR is no exception. Episode 1 of GR involves kidnapping and a dramatic feud between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, and it’s also the start of a very messy conflict. I’m not a huge fan of dramatic storylines, but GR won me over because of the adorable kids. The kids are the heart of the drama, and it’s what makes the drama heart-warming and worth watching.




Yoon Young Hye, Seo Jin Ki, Kim Han Joo and Chun Eok Jo are all orphans who grew up together. Kim Han Joo goes to jail twice when he was young, and is now trying to live an honest life. Yoon Young Hye marries into Golden Fishery and gives birth to a baby girl Ha Bin (Kim Baek Won). However when her husband died, her mother-in-law, Kang Jung Sim kicked her out of the house and took away the baby. Seo Jin Ki married into Golden Fishery as well, as the second husband of Kang Jung Sim’s daughter. To help Young Hye, Han Joo and Eok Jo tries to steal back Ha Bin, but was caught and sent to jail. Jin Ki is being despised by Kang Jung Sim, and to overcome his problems, he orders Ha Bin to be kidnapped so that the attention will be shifted. However, the kidnap goes wrong when Ha Bin runs away and fell inside the ocean. Ha Bin is treated as dead.

Kim Man Won saw Ha Bin by the beach and saves her. She wakes up but loses her memory, and Man Won lies that they are siblings. After Man Won’s grandmother passed away, they come across Han Joo who decides to raise them. Years passed by, and Han Joo has been adopting a few kids over the years.

Ha Bin, now Kim Baek Won is the eldest daughter in the family and is the one who takes care of the family and kids. One day, while Baek Won and Man Won are out, they save Kim Chun Won from her abusive father. Kim Chun Won gets adopted by Han Joo after her real father gets locked up in jail for murder. Chun Won was the person who reported to the police about her father.

Young Hye re-appears and vows revenge on Kang Jung Sim, with 3 million dollars. Jin Ki, who was facing a crisis with the company decides to work with Young Hye and convince her to invest the money with him. However, that 3 million dollars turned out to be money stolen from a loanshark, and both Young Hye and Jin Ki gets into trouble. Jin Ki asks Han Joo for help to smuggle gold from Japan. He agrees reluctantly as Jin Ki’s henchman has a video of Man Won beating someone up and to prevent Young Hye from being sold off.

However, he was arrested by the police due to a tip off by Japan’s police. There was no evidence found when he was arrested. Jin Ki tells Eok Jo to retrieve the goods, but he asks Baek Won and Man Won to do it instead. While the kids successfully retrieve all the goods (disguised as fishes), Yeol Won took one fish in secret to share with the family. By accident, one of the gold pieces dropped and the police catches them in the act. As a result, Man Won was brought to the police station.

Han Joo was released and found out that Eok Jo had dragged the kids into the issue as well. To save Man Won, he decides to destroy all evidence. He asks Eok Jo to bring him to the warehouse, and he did and set it on fire. However, Il Won was inside the warehouse, trying to steal a cosmeticΒ (he was brought there by Yeol Won, who was brought there by Soo Pyo, Eok Jo’s son).


That’s the dramatic part. Now the kids part.


Even though the kids aren’t blood-related except for Sib Won and Yeol Won (they’re twins), they bond with each other well. There are times they argue and fight, but after facing a crisis together, they learn to care for each other and love each other.

No one except for Man Won knows that Baek Won is not blood-related to him. Baek Won treats him like an older brother, but Man Won is already starting to have feelings for Baek Won though he tries hard to conceal it.

Chun Won turns in her own father, as her father was abusive and doesn’t seem to change. She asks Han Joo to take her in, after she realised that living alone is not easy. Han Joo decides to adopt her even after he heard the story from Chun Won’s real dad. Chun regards Han Joo as a stepping stone, and each time the family faces a difficult situation, she secretly thinks of a way out, mostly by asking for sympathy from others.


Seo Do Young is the son of Jin Ki (from his first marriage), who likes Baek Won. He has a step brother, Tae Young who hates him and is constantly beating him up. Do Young fails his tests in school every time on purpose, to hide his intelligence. After hanging out together, Baek Won likes Do Young too as he always takes good care of Yeong Won and herself as well. Man Won finds out about this and forbids Baek Won from mixing around with Do Young, as Tae Young is messed up.



I love the kids πŸ™‚ They’re really the heart of the drama and it’s what makes the drama interesting. It is also very nice to see Kim Sang Joong playing a warm hearted dad who tries his best, but things just don’t work out.

I can’t wait till the kids grow up and I can see UEE and Jung Il Woo πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Anyway, there’s just too much to say, but I love the drama so far. And, I swear the kids are all so freaking awesome! How do they do that, seriously?! *claps*

4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Golden Rainbow Episode 1-8 (Summary w/pics)

  1. Did smthg happened to Il won in the end? Did he managed to live? I’m gg to watch ep 8 soon but I just want to know if he’s able to survive γ…œ

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