POV DISCUSSION: Bel Ami (Pretty Man) Episode 5 & 6

I think the key to enjoying this show is to to expect nothing, and just watch it for the cute. I’m not sure if this is a direct adaptation on the manhwa, or just loosely based on it, but whatever it is – it’s not an original writing – thus all hopes of plot twists, or story plot cannot be changed. That’s a little upsetting because as I watched the show, I wanted more and more, but I don’t think the drama will deliver all those hidden hopes for me. Haha.

I’m not really sure if I’ll stick around this drama for long, because despite the cute and unique characters, I’m not sure how the drama is going to turn out. It might be more fun, or might be boring. One thing for sure, I love Bo Tong with David. OMG. SO CUTE.

Anyway, I thought we were done with the socks – but it looks like it’s sticking around for some time. They’re not going to drag the socks all the way till the end, right?

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