K-MOVIE REVIEW: Hwayi, The Boy Who Swallowed A Monster


This movie is AWESOME. Anyone who can’t take movies with a lot of blood involved should totally stay away. This movie includes crude language and violence.

I just finished watching Hwayi: The Boy Who Swallowed A Monster, and I was glued to my seat for 2 hours because it’s THAT awesome. This movie is sleek and action-packed. Yeo Jin Goo was perfect, and I wonder what roles this boy can’t do.

Basically, the movie is about Yeo Jin Goo who was kidnapped when he was young and brought up by 5 criminals who were stuck with him after their plan went wrong. He was named Hwayi and he learnt various skills from the 5 people he calls Dad. However, after killing his first victim, he finds out a shocking truth regarding the man he killed & the men he grew up with.

I will not be doing a recap for the movie, but just a short discussion. SPOILERS AHEAD!  

Hwayi sees a monster every now and then as he grew up and he is shaken each time it appears. This is all a part of his hallucination. When the 5 dads brought him out on his first mission, he failed to kill the guy. Seok Tae who call the shots in the group is enraged. Jin Sung wants to send Hwayi away to study and live a normal life, but Seok Tae has no such plans.

After a break-in, Hwayi lets the housewife ran away and Seok Tae is pissed. He tells Hwayi to kill the man, and Hwayi hesitates. However, he finally manages to pull the trigger, and he doesn’t stop until after a few shots and he let out a small smile.


He finds out later that the man he killed is his real father, and Hwayi is shocked beyond words. He starts to uncover the truth and he seeks out the people he called Dad to get revenge, at the same time try to keep his real Mom alive.


This movie is not all about revenge. It’s about Hwayi who discovers the truth and kills the men who he called Dad. There’s more to it then just pure revenge. There are mixed feelings involved and he struggles with the truth. It’s more about Hwayi’s transformation. He grew up, learning how to shoot and other skills, and doesn’t live a life like normal students. He dons a school uniform every time as he likes it. He gets along fine with the 5 Dads, even though he is a little afraid of Seok Tae.

He aims well, but he couldn’t bring himself to really kill a person. However, under pressure, he finally kills someone who he found out later that it’s his real father. He kills off one of the 5 Dads and that’s when the fight between him and the 4 other Dads begin. MAJOR SPOILER AHEAD! However, in a midst of all his anger and killing, Ki Tae (one of the Dads) tries to stop him from killing more people. Hwayi argues with him and Ki Tae is pushed off the structure. Hwayi regains his senses, and tries to make Ki Tae hold on. However Ki Tae lets go as Hwayi will be in danger if he held on. END MAJOR SPOILER. 

Basically, this movie involves a lot of killing, so expect a lot of blood everywhere. The action scenes are all AWESOME 🙂 Most importantly, prepare tissues. You’ll need it.


Basic Translation of the trailer:

Dad, I have a question.
What is you name? Hwayi. Hwayi.
I’m back.
You should have called me, why waste energy walking?
Son, today you worked hard.
There’s nothing special going on right?
Today, good work.
Yes, Dad.
Kill him.
Those people don’t have human eyes.
He can’t keep doing this, Hwayi is different from us.
I don’t think I can do it.
I don’t want to do it Dad.
You think you’re different from Dad? You’re clean?
Kill him.
Tell me the truth.
Who is the kid?
Hwayi, from the beginning you planned to do this, that’s why you took him in, right?
Aren’t you going to put down the gun?
I didn’t forget.
Dad, you knew everything right?
Why did you do this to me?
All your Dads are monsters, you have to become a monster too.
Dad, why did you raise me?

5 thoughts on “K-MOVIE REVIEW: Hwayi, The Boy Who Swallowed A Monster

  1. Sorry, can I ask you smth. Di you watch the movie in raw (no sub) or with sub? Bcs I can’t find any soft sub file for this movie, so if you got one (eng sub) can you kindly lint it to me? Thanks:))

    1. Actually, I was confused about the mother as well. I watched it raw so I’m not sure about details myself. I was sure that his mother was the one in the hospital, but my Mom who watched the movie was saying the mother was the woman locked up. AHAHAHAHA. I need to re-watch it actually.

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