POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 11-14


I’m so sorry for the late discussion on One Warm Word as I’ve been very busy. I won’t be recapping the episodes or do a detailed discussion. I’m just going to do a short discussion.

I still love and enjoy the drama for what it is, and with all the sweet moments of Min Soo and Eun Young, I don’t know how they or I can handle all the heartbreak that’s to come.

They’re progressing quickly, and now it just moments before Mi Kyung and Eun Jin realize that their siblings are dating each other.

I feel so bad for Min Soo, who loves Eun Young, and is being very careful as he believes that he has sort of a bad luck. He finally thinks that he has found happiness, and I can’t bear to see him handle all the heartbreak, when everything comes crashing down.

As for Mi Kyung, I like the fact that she has moved out despite still liking Jae Hak, and how she still have concern for her mother-in-law. Finding out that Jae Hak loved Eun Jin was too much for her, and I don’t blame her if she doesn’t want to get back with him or forgive him. As a woman myself, I think we’re weird in a way, or maybe it’s just a handful of us. Rather than have my partner betray me with his heart, I think it’s better if he betrays with the body. Both is unacceptable though, but the latter is better than the former to me.

And I think Jae Hak’s mother finally gets what she deserved – karma. Hah. It’s funny and satisfying in a way.

As for Eun Jin and Sung Soo, I really want them to repair their relationship and get back together. However, I’m going where ever the storyline is going, be it whether they will divorce or not, and I think the writer is doing a good job, despite what some people think.

I think most conflicts while watching this drama depends on how we were brought up, and what we believed in as well as what values we learnt. Thus, some people would disagree with the writer, and find some points or parts annoying. However, I find it very judgemental in regards to this drama itself, because marriage and affairs are very sensitive & personal topics – thus we all can have differing opinions. Compared to other dramas of other genres, I feel like we shouldn’t criticise this drama because it’s all a matter of opinions and values.

I don’t know what others think – but I think this writer created some great characters, which is complicating yet very realistic. They make realistic arguments, and decisions – and I find that point very attractive.

Anyway, we’re so close with the heartbreak of Min Soo and Eun Young, and I’m preparing my heart. I just hope the drama continues being it’s rational and realistic self – and not get too over-dramatic.

4 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 11-14

  1. Thanks again for your POV, you’re so awesome that I have to finish reading every post in one sitting since discovered your site.

    I agree with MK leaves the house, I agree EJin should work hard to get back together w SS, I love MS and EJoung and also dread the day they encounter their heartbreak. Eventhough I don’t like the concept of infidelity, I’m still draw to this drama like a magnet and devour every episode.

    1. Thanks a lot for your thoughtful opinions & the support 🙂 Just like you, I’m drawn to the drama despite the mental battle I have with each episode. Hah.

  2. So glad you are continuing with your POVs for this drama! (Thought you had stopped!) Great point about differing opinions on the drama, depending on how we were brought up and what values we carry. I guess that’s a good gauge for a drama – how much discussion it stimulates! Indeed, for me, it is quite an interesting drama with great in-depth characters. However, sometimes I find that one sequence/scene of just dialogue and nothing else becomes a little bit too long – ie the dialogue could have been shortened or intercut with another scene (though this could be only when I’m watching the episodes in its “raw” form, ie before the subs come! ^^)

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