POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 15 & 16


The painful heartbreak is here – and it hurts 😦

Min Soo & Eun Young’s relationship is put to a stop by Min Soo after he finds out Eun Young is Eun Jin’s sister. Everything is twisted, and there is just so much angst going around in these two episodes.

I again appreciate the writer for not dragging things, and slowly developing the characters and make each episode so worth watching. Some dramas have very quick pace, with a lot of things happening and developing, that sometimes, we fail to understand the character more or go along with the character’s feelings. This drama focuses more on characters and reasoning behind their actions.

I find this drama very well-made, because honestly, there isn’t much plot towards it if you think about it. It’s simple and straight-forward – two married couples, an affair, and an entangled innocent couple. However, what makes this drama so compelling is that it focuses a lot on the characters and with each new episode, makes us understand the characters more, the choices they made, and etc. It feels sort of realistic – and gives us various perspective while watching the drama because it touches on topics which are very real in society.

Anyway, I was pissed with Eun Jin’s mom in these episodes – but I’ll talk more about that in a while.


vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h22m54s246vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h22m55s4vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h22m34s46vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h23m09s138vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h23m51s55Min Soo realises that Eun Jin is Eun Young’s sister and was shocked. He breaks up with her, with an excuse that his feelings have changed and that he doesn’t love her. Eun Young is taken aback, and asks for a reasonable reason and if this is some sort of fate which he keep talking about. Min Soo denies and insist that this break up is his choice and doesn’t have to do with anything else.

Let’s talk about Min Soo’s decision.

We all know he loves Eun Young – and his decision to break off with her was because he was the one behind Eun Jin’s accident. It might not seem like such a big deal, but then again, that’s because no one was hurt. That accident could have turned for the worse, and he could have almost hurt someone dear to Eun Young. Just because no one was hurt doesn’t make it okay for him to get away with it. No matter what – hit & run is a hit & run.

For someone as responsible & honest as Min Soo, it’s understandable that he cannot see himself dating the younger sister of the person he almost caused great harm to. Maybe not now – because that’s still a fact that he hides and hasn’t own up to. Maybe he’s afraid of what Eun Young would think of him after finding out he was the one behind the hit & run?

vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h24m25s130Honestly, I’m pleasantly surprised that Mi Kyung doesn’t objects the relationship and even though upset, she is more sad about the fact that Min Soo gave up Eun Young, because she knew that he loves her a lot and wanted a family so bad. I love the sibling love these two have~

vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h20m05s91vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h20m12s166vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h20m47s254vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h21m03s166vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h21m17s47I feel bad for the innocent Eun Young though who probably feels like crap with all of these happening. It’s a huge shock for her – and I find it acceptable at how angry she was. I was actually pissed at her Mom for siding with Eun Jin even at that moment, because clearly, she didn’t think of Eun Young’s feeling.

I know Eun Young is straight-forward and is harsh with the way she speaks – but it doesn’t make sense for the Mom to ask Eun Young to calm down and reason with her that Min Soo probably didn’t love her enough. It’s just so wrong.

Eun Young said harsh words towards Eun Jin, but I find that acceptable because it was in a moment of anger, and she has every right to be angry. It was not a good or justifiable thing, but I can understand her frustrations. And what makes it worse was that Mom keep saying that Eun Jin is having a difficult time too and Dad came in scolding Eun Young.

I find Eun Young’s argument valid that her pain isn’t less important or less painful compared to Eun Jin. Just because she is not married to Min Soo, doesn’t mean that when they break up is less of a painful experience compared to what Eun Jin is going through. In Eun Young’s perspective, it was a difficult decision to actually love someone without any conditions, and she was proud of herself of being able to do so – however, that very relationship which she treasures a lot is breaking.

I think that the mentality of ‘that person is suffering/hurting more’ is just so wrong. There is no such thing – hurt is just hurt. Feeling pain is just feeling pain. You can’t compare one person’s pain to another. Something small to you, may be something big to another. What affects you may not affect another. We all define things in our own way.

Honestly, if I was in Eun Young’s position, I would have done the same thing she did. Why do I have to suffer because of someone’s else mistake? Why do I have to understand and forgive her just because we’re family?

As for Eun Jin, she gets more than what she bargained for. She took all the insults strangers and her friends gave her, but this time, she feels guilty because in her perspective, she destroyed Eun Young’s happiness. And she probably felt extremely hurt when Eun Young scolded her for living her life wrong – it hurts much worse when a family member insults you.

But then again, that’s what family does. We unintentionally hurt each other with words and actions when we are angry, even though we care for them. It’s just in us. Human nature.

vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h22m06s23vlcsnap-2014-02-02-15h22m00s223Anyway, Min Soo revealed to Eun Jin about the fact that he was the one behind her accident. And I can’t wait for tomorrow~

Now putting all of those aside, the only character I still haven’t figure out is Jae Hak. I don’t know if he ever loved Mi Kyung. I thought he never did – but we’ve been seeing a couple of sweet flashbacks between them, and maybe there was affection after all.

What I’m thinking is this – He loved her, but never realized it. They didn’t date for long, and got married quickly. She started being the perfect housewife, and maybe along the way he got tired and everything became sort of a routine for them. The romance had died down. Maybe when he met Eun Jin, he might have felt that attraction and his heart fluttering, it felt new to him and he enjoyed it. He might have mistaken that for love – something which was missing from his marriage, or it might have really been love. This point is the most confusing.

Anyway, with the recent episodes and Mi Kyung being a total sweetheart because she is no longer clinging on Jae Hak and is slowly moving on, it feels like Jae Hak is starting to slowly fall apart. I don’t know if he misses Mi Kyung because she was always there for his convenience, or he had actually really loved her but never realized it until she’s gone.

16 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: One Warm Word Episode 15 & 16

  1. actually, i agree with you on eun young. it wasn’t her fault that this happened to her… but as an onlooker watching the show, somehow the stereotype is to sympathise with eun jin… and eun young shouldnt have lashed out on her as she felt so guilty already. i felt really bad for eun jin.

    this show is really nerve-wrecking. each episode grows more painful… it feels as if mistakes can never be written off… i think eun jin’s husband has actually forgiven her and may actually want to patch up, but eun jin is holding so hard to her sin that she cannot accept to let herself be back with her family.

    i don’t even know what i am expecting for the ending. it’s upsetting to watch, yet i am intrigued to follow through. the plot is certainly not the usual sort, but it’s good. i can relate to alot of it, the way eun jin’s husband talks, eun young’s bratty behaviour… i’m glad to see all these being portrayed in a korean drama…. it actually showcases more of reality, than common dramaland storylines and characters.

    im keeping my fingers crossed to the end, wondering what are the pointers to take away from the show. is it that true love is important?… that married couples cannot make mistakes?.. or is it the love and acceptance that stays true despite all the ugly mistakes?…

    1. Yup. I do think that the drama centres around Eun Jin too, and that maybe sometimes in an affair, it’s not always lust or greed and that they’re just normal people too.

  2. I’m so agree with your point reagarding EYoung. Yes she has every rights to be angry, and no one should scold her about that. In fact, although I agree that heartbreaking can’t be compared, in my bias opinion, I think EYoung suffers more. She’s at the peak of her love life, and suddenly she was dropped to ground affected by the sin of her sister. While in the case of EJin, I feel no sympathy for her. She bought it upon herself when had the affair, and her sin affects her husband and daughter the most and now it affects her sister too. I still think that men affair can be forgiven but women affair can’t be acceptable at all

    Great drama, great actings, great pace and great POV too. Thank you, Lee Jin, I appreciate your work.

      1. Oh yes, you’re right! That’s why I’m very uneasy with the concept of this drama. If it’s not for my favorite actor, I wouldn’t want to touch it πŸ™‚

        1. The concept of adultery and the after effects on family and friends reflects real life situations. These are not easily resolved. Some one will end up hurt. Many will be changed forever. That’s why it is so hard to watch. The hurt feels real.

  3. but thanks lee jin, i happened to chance upon your blog and it is exactly what i wanted to do… to blog about my thoughts on the dramas… haha but of cos, urs is probably a more elaborated version of my thinking. hehes. i guess i’ll be following you for quite a while.. least, till the drama ends. πŸ™‚ hope you dont mind my inputs.

  4. I have some views that really bother me and I’d like to know what iis your view on them

    1. The thing between JH and EJin, is it really considered an affair? I know they have feelings for each other, but they didn’t do anything else except meet and talk. They didn’t have sex, not even touching and kissing at the hotel. So, I think the writer just want them to have a way out by giving them only emotional affair in order to be able to get forgiveness from other spouses

    2. Why the two sisters encourage their siblings be together afterward? Isn’t it so unrealistic? I know they are portrayed as loving sisters who want the best for their siblings. However, MS and EYoung aren’t in the middle of nowhere all by themselves, or they can totally ignore and cut tie with their family. As long as they’re still around their family, and they still careabout family and they still have to gather together in events, it must be very uncomfortable to live like that, and I don’t think it’s realistic if they can endure living that way.

    1. 1. Yup, i do find it weird that they consider that as an affair, because technically, they didn’t sleep together. But then again, I guess it’s sort of a betrayal too because they had a change of heart. And they were tempted to sleep together, but they didn’t. I don’t think it’s considered as adultery though. We can look at it two ways – betray by sleeping with another, or betray by having a change of heart. Personally, I would rather forgive an affair which happened out of lust, rather than an affair which involves deep feelings. But of course, I won’t forgive either. Haha! But yup, i do think the writer didn’t make them sleep together so that the ending can be smoother. And if they slept together, it’s definitely impossible to make MS & EY together.

      2. I do think it will be super weird for them to get together because of EJ affair. I understand EJ supporting EY because she feels guilty. But i find it surprising MK would allow MS to be with EY. But there was a scene where MK told EY whether EY could give up her family. So I think she probably won’t accept EY easily. And yes, it will be too painful to live as in-laws with what happened.

      I don’t know how the writer will make things work but I guess that’s part of the fun we’re having. Hahaha! Let’s cross fingers and hope it remains relatable and convincing πŸ™‚

      1. Thank you for your views. Yeah, I cross my finger right now and hope everyone get back to whom he/she should be with, especially MS and EY, they’re too cute to get separated. Even if MS has to go to jail because of the hit and run, I’m sure EY would wait for him

      2. An affair of the heart is worst for Song Mi-Kyung and Yoo Jae-Hak. They act like unfeeling preprogrammed robots in their marriage. He opens up and gives his heart (and passion) to another woman. The love he felt for the mistress was enough to sustain the relationship. He did not need the sex. It would be easier for Mi Kyung to accept and control if it was the usual affair. She is wondering how great is this other woman to steal his heart when she has dedicated over 20 years to him, the household, their sons, while taking the abuse from the evil mother-in-law! This is ultimate betrayal in her eyes and feeds her insecurities. This is not easy to fix or erase.

        I am interested to see where the writer takes this. They could stay together and drift even further apart. They could break up and regret not trying to fix the marriage or just move on. No decision will be easy as in real life!

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