POV DISCUSSION: Emergency Couple Episode 8 & 9


I can’t stop loving this drama and it just amazes me at how it was a great idea to mix medical drama and romance/comedy drama into one.

The drama continues to be hilarious, and I never knew CPR could be so sexy (HAH!). I don’t know what to say about this drama, honestly. It adds in all the different elements together in one drama – but the weird thing is that, IT WORKS. It’s funny when it needs to be funny, it’s sweet when it’s supposed to be sweet, and it’s touching when it’s supposed to be touching.


Chang Min is falling in love with Jin Hee all over again – and he’s jealous, and it’s just so funny. It’s cute that both of them are so natural around each other despite them arguing a lot.

We learn one new thing though – Ji Hye has a kid. There’s definitely more to her and Chief Gook’s relationship. I don’t know if they used to date – or maybe she dated someone he knew, and maybe he had a crush on her before – or something like that.

Oh – and the scene when the baby was sick – urgh that was so…sad. It looked so painful 😦

vlcsnap-2014-02-24-02h26m03s174Can we also appreciate the scene when Chang Min cried as he thought about his times with Jin Hee?

Anyway, I probably won’t be doing discussions for every episode of Emergency Couple. I love the drama a lot, and I think I would just pour my love in each discussion – so that’s not really…I don’t know? Constructive? Hah. It feels like I’m just fangirling over the drama – so chances are I won’t be able to look at the drama objectively. Hahahah. When there’s an episode which requires  a bit of discussion, then maybe I’ll post something.

However, you can always visit dramabeans! They’re doing recaps for EC and they’re pretty fast 🙂 They always have good recaps too~!

2 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Emergency Couple Episode 8 & 9

  1. I’m so glad you like this drama! I love it sssooo much!!! I can’t wait for the next episode! It’s agony to wait the whole week! I want to be a doctor so I love the medical stuff and I’m a sucker for romantic comedies so for me this drama is perfect! Loved your post! 😀

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