POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 15 (no screencaps)


Alright, I’m back with Episode 15 – sorry for the long wait~ and for this episode, there will be NO SCREENCAPS or RECAP. It will just be a discussion. Because of the many new dramas airing, I’m dedicating a lot of whatever free time I have to watch and catch up with them (not to write about them, but because I want to watch them). Therefore, I don’t really have a lot of time to spare to write.

This is less time consuming then doing recaps, or discussions with screencaps, so just bear with me.

Let’s get down to business, Episode 15 was great and each of the characters moved a step forward and I like it at how Lawyer Oh got a short little spotlight on herself too 🙂


Okay! OMG. Gwang Suk is really trying to get revenge from Jin Yi because of her Dad, and I love his sudden change from a nice, easy-going and kind character – to a completely different guy. Someone cold and scary. But that accent is still cute. heh 🙂

I don’t think he’s bad, it’s just that from his point of view, maybe perhaps he really believed Jin Yi’s dad caused his dad to commit suicide – and because his family is not at their best state, Jin Yi is being all depressed about love and thinks it’s the most difficult thing.

To Gwang Suk, he’s probably thinking that his family is trying so hard to live and survive, but here she is ranting and being all depressed just because the guy she likes kissed someone else.

I still love Gwang Suk because he’s just so cute. HAHAHA.

Anyway, Jin Yi was a little annoying when she told Soo Kyung not to do things which will make her sorry and telling Dae Young that Lawyer Kim is looking a house for Soo Kyung. I’ll forgive her because we all know that she still needs to grow up (I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way), and she’s cute all along.

THE MAIN POINT IS….WOOHOOOO! Soo Kyung and Dae Young have confessed to each other about their feelings! Can I just squish them together? They are so cuteeee.

Soo Kyung also told Lawyer Kim that she likes someone else. I like the fact that Lawyer Kim didn’t choose to give up easily and wants to try his best not to regret, but I think he’ll soon accept it. He probably needs time.

As for Lawyer Oh, it was such a meaningful scene when she ditched her diet and ate everything she wanted to eat before crying when everyone left. It reminds us that love and affection is from within and not always from physical appearance. I guess that was supposed to be the message, but … need I explain more? Those who get it will get it. Those who don’t, it’s okay. 

The preview looks like Jin Yi has gone missing – but there was a scene where Jin Yi is in her room. What I think is that Gwang Suk probably couldn’t kill Jin Yi, and Jin Yi might have hid herself somewhere because of what Gwang Suk told her about how her Dad caused his dad to commit suicide. If that is true, it means that the 100% trust Jin Yi had in her dad has been shattered.

Gwang Suk would probably lecture Jin Yi about her carefree attitude and how it’s ridiculous for her to think about love as the most difficult thing when a lot of people are probably going through much more difficulties. And this would probably make Jin Yi grow into a better person, right?


11 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Let’s Eat Episode 15 (no screencaps)

  1. Hurray! I love how your discussions are still so meaty. Anyway, I am glad you said what you did about Gwang Suk because I feel the same way. Even if my father did not commit suicide because of her dad, but I was just struggling to make ends meet, I would have wanted to slap her in this episode. I find her adorable usually, but considering the fact that she just found out her beloved father might get out of going to jail, I’d say that having the oppa next door kiss someone else is rather small potatoes. There is no sense of proportion with her, which may be why she was always so optimistic about everything.

    I posted something about Layer Oh in the soompi discussion because she really broke my heart. I think this is the first time I really had tears watching this show because I have soooo been there. To think that she had given up good food for all those years hoping that would make people like her when really she needs to like herself; to know that once again you are alone despite your best efforts . . . We have all been there crying while stuffing our faces with our favorite food. I really want to end this show with her liking herself again.

    I also hope the preview meant that Lawyer Kim will have a potential foodie girlfriend in the future because he has learned not to wait too long to show his lovable self.

    1. Thanks for the compliments :’) and yessss the preview! There might be someone who will end up with Lawyer Kim afterall~ and yup I hope Lawyer Oh stops going on a diet and love herself for who she is because everyone is special 🙂

      Maybe after Jin Yi learns a little about life, then she and gwang suk can start falling in love and dating and play their own drama xDDD afterall, her dad so-called his dad’s death. They can be in a totally different drama. Hahahaha.

  2. It’s sad that it’ll be end soon /idek how to move on lol/. I lost my respect for jinyi in this episode, (even I told gwang suk to kill her instead #oops #kidding). I know gwang suk try his the best but he’s fail to be creepy, he’s too cute, not scaring at all. Because the most scaring thing on this epsd is… Barassi could speak LOL Idk why I love barassi so much(?)
    Someone please help lawyer kim, everytime he’s on the screen its always funny and awkawrd (rmmbr when he hold jinyi hands) cutiiee ahjussi.
    There’s survey couple who would have the prettiest date on white day, daeyoung and sookyung came 2nd place, they’re really match each other (age gap isn’t problem anymore)

    1. Hahahaha! Yup! The chemistry between Lee Soo Kyung and Doojoon is amazing and they’re just cute!

      Lawyer Kim is the most cutest comic relief in a drama ever. Hahahaha.

      And Bara! AHAHAHAHAHA! I almost burst into tears. That scene was so funny!

        1. He is not in it very much and the subplots are crazy and get crazier (and not even in a good melodrama way but in –we are trying to do melodrama–but we are kind of tired way).

  3. I’m waiting for dujun next drama xD hehehe
    Lawyer kim really match with comic character, hope can see him on another drama comedy, I remember on BTS he’s introducing hisself by saying “Shim Hyung Tak, Go Daeyoung’s manager” instead of “Kim Hak Moon, Go Daeyoung’s lawyer” burts in laugh, seems he’s comic in real life LOL

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