Okay, let me breathe for a second. This is not related to dramas – but I just had to post this up. Teaser is out for SBS ROOMMATE, and I swear at the video (0.07 sec), it is SEO KANG JOON! I can recognize his face just from his features~ and I’ve seen ever picture he was in. I wasn’t too keen about this variety honestly, but if Seo Kang Joon is part of the cast, I’m sticking myself to the screen 🙂 *fangirling mode*

How I know for sure…did my own detective work and…


*throws confetti* 🙂

(NOTE: I realized he was confirmed about a day ago. Okay, stupid me – but oh wells 🙂 )

10 thoughts on “SEO KANG JOON in SBS ROOMMATE?!

  1. Hurray!!! Now I will have to watch this, too. I am really too old (literally–you don’t want to know how old I am) to be fangirling, but I feel a squeel coming on. *running to close my office door first*

    1. It’s alright~ fangirling is a hobby and doesn’t have to do with age. Who cares about people who say we’re too old for all of these. AHAHAHAHA. I’m not a teenager either 🙂 and I’m going to fangirl till I grow old. HAHA!

    1. YESH YESH YESH!!!! I SAW!!!!!! I can’t even imagine how much I’ll spazz if he and Nam Ji Hyun works together :’) I hope it happens, but more than that, I do hope the story is worth watching xDD

  2. More SKJ news that you have probably seen, but you are the only person (literally) I “know” with whom I can fangirl about him. See

    I am so loving the bedtime scenes in this photo shoot. I wish I could just concentrate on how adorable he looks, but the SKJ/bed combo is not really producing very many innocent thoughts. Bring on Roommate! Maybe a reality show is just what I need to get him out of the fantasy world. He probably has annoying habits. right? Right?

    1. AHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hate those shorts on him, and YES I AGREE…they should avoid putting good looking guys anywhere near beds…not good for our minds. AHAHAHA!

      I only watched the first part of roommate, haven’t watched his part yet, but I think he’s going to be chased by some girls in the house which doesn’t do any good to my fangirl feels.

      But exo’s Chanyeol is in it too, and I would rather all the girls go gaga over SKJ then Chanyeol xDD

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