POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Ep 3 – 6 (Review)


Okay people, I’m fully on board Golden Cross 🙂

I found the first two episodes a little too messy and boring, but from episode 3 onwards, everything has been nothing but awesome 🙂 I love how the plot is quickly moving and every character finds their own way to deal with different situations.

It helps a lot that the characters are interesting enough, and I’m technically glued to my screen while watching the drama. I’m not such a big fan of the character of Seo Dong Ha, not because he killed Ha Yoon – but because he seem like such a … emm… whiny dude?

I mean – he always looks for Park Hee Soo and seems so insecure and whines a lot. I mean – I prefer my evil characters to be downright evil, or at least as interesting and complicating as Michael Jang. He’s evil, we all know it – but damn his character is so mysterious and fun to watch.


Hong Sa Ra is on Kang Do Yoon’s side! She works for Michael Jang, but clearly she has a plan on her own and we don’t know what it is yet. However, I think she’s on Do Yoon’s side. Maybe she was a victim of a previous conspiracy, we need more scenes to confirm that fact. We all know that her dad died years ago – and that she was looking through a file of a random case.

Michael Jang is so interesting, I just want to see this dude on my screen longer. It’s so fun to see him and Seo Dong Ha fight it out – because both clearly hate each other despite their outward mannerism.

And even though the killer is Seo Dong Ha, we all know that the one who made Ha Yoon go to Hongkong and entangled in this whole case is Michael Jang. He never expected Seo Dong Ha to kill Ha Yoon – but nonetheless, he was the one who plotted to send Kang Joo Wan’s daughter to Seo Dong Ha. Eventually, it will be a fight between Kang Do Yoon and Michael Jang.

Anyway, Kang Do Yoon is trying his best to find out the truth – and he’s so close to the truth, but no one believes him. Seo Yi Rye is probably disturbed and taken aback by the photo of her dad and Ha Yoon on a plane to HK together, but she doesn’t want to suspect her father.

She is still disturbed however, with what Michael Jang said to her at the gym and what she knows of her dad and how he never takes first class if it was a business trip.

The best thing I like about Yi Rye’s and Do Yoon’s relationship right now is that both have their own characters and principles. Do Yoon is doing all he can to prove his father did not kill his sister. Yi Rye, has her own set of principles and does not let Do Yoon’s opinions and speculations affect her judgement. She remains on her stance, and she will only act on what she finds suspicious and not just on mere emotions and assumptions.

I like this part about Yi Rye, because we had too many female leads in dramaland crimeland, who just sort of follow whatever the male lead say and went along. I prefer stronger female characters who has a mind of her own 🙂

Anyway, I’m on board and I can’t wait for the next episode~!!!

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