POV DISCUSSION: Angel Eyes Episode 7 & 8

My interest for Angel Eyes dropped a lot – and there is a high possibility I’ll drop it, though I’m still considering. The first two episodes were so amazing, I think since then, the following episodes never really matched to that level of awesomeness.

These two episodes have actually put me off a little, and I have to admit that I don’t like the direction the drama is going right now, and I fear that the drama will only get more makjang as episode goes by.

So, Dong Joo returns to Soo Wan’s side – and Soo Wan tells Ji Woon that she can’t be with him. I just find this whole thing a little ridiculous and too fast.


Am I the only one who is feeling frustrated over the character Yoon Soo Wan?

Honestly, even when Dong Joo returned as the ‘son’ of Director Yoon, I couldn’t understand it. I understand that Director Yoon might have wanted to repay back his guilt towards Dong Joo thus ensuring Dong Joo has a good life, and provided for him.

However, I could never understand why Dong Joo decided to be his son. We know how much Dong Joo loved Soo Wan, and being grateful is a completely different thing – it doesn’t make sense for him to choose to be his ‘son’ yet love his daughter.

Anyway, Soo Wan dumping Ji Woon just because she found out Dong Joo is alive – is just so wrong. Yes – maybe she never loved Ji Woon – but they spent so much time together, and they were technically dating, how can she just dump him just because her first love returned?

Isn’t she too much?

There must be something about him which made her date him, but for her to just push him away because she just ‘realize’ her true feelings, is just so…. wrong.

I feel so bad for Ji Woon 😦 He’s such a great guy, I feel so bad for him.

I know she’s going to leave him anyway – but it’s way too fast. I blame the story for that. I don’t know what to expect in the next few episodes, but I don’t have a very good vibe about it.

Are they going to throw us some sibling-love-not-allowed, even though they’re not siblings? Are they going to make Ji Woon turn into an evil ex-lover who plots against Dong Joo?

I just feel like it’s such a waste of what seems like a promising drama.


I almost forget to comment about some stuff – lucky my darling reader reminded me.

I think Director Yoon is against their relationship, mainly because he’s afraid of Dong Joo. He kept Dong Joo close, and helped Dong Joo because he felt responsible for Dong Joo’s mom’s death – which in turn allowed Soo Wan to see again.

However, the biggest question here is actually who is the hit and run driver. Obviously, there is someone else who killed his mother, and this mysterious person probably have a bigger role in this drama. From one of the earlier episodes (either 1 or 2), there was a guy in the hospital who was speaking on the phone saying that Dong Joo’s mother should not wake up as it will create problems if she remembers the driver.

As to who this driver is – there’s isn’t any clues yet.

If Soo Wan finds out that her eyes come from Dong Joo’s mom, she will probably be heartbroken – but more than that, if she actually finds out that her dad attempted to kill Seo Hwa to get the eyes – she will be beyond devastated, and probably blame herself because she wanted to see so badly.

As for Ji Woon’s mom – I always found her weird, I don’t know why either. AHAHAHAHA. I don’t know if she’s on Soo Wan/Director Yoon’s side or not. At certain times, I find her against this whole thing – at other parts, I find her supportive.

And she’s digging up about Director Yoon and the ex-doctor, but the funny thing is – Director Yoon told her the truth…so…hmmmmm. I don’t know what’s the point actually?




7 thoughts on “POV DISCUSSION: Angel Eyes Episode 7 & 8

  1. I keep thinking I missed something in the plot, something BIG that would make Soo Wan’s father so against the relationship that he would put Dong Joo on a plane to keep them a part. I even searched the internet for recaps because I felt I had really missed something important. Is it really that they think Soo Wan cannot handle knowing that she got Dong Joo’s mom’s eyes? Is that really “it” because no one believes that Dong Joo is really her blood relative. And Ji Woon’s mom didn’t want her as a daughter-in-law either, so she is not going to be trying to get them back together either. Soooo…..

    I feel badly because I really wanted both Lee San-yoon and Kim Ji-Seok (will he ever get out of second lead land?) to be in good dramas or at least have really good roles. They are both very capable actors who seemed to get stuck in dreck or get unfortunate parts.

    1. I updated a little bit on the post. And yes, it’s such a waste of good actors. I really hope the character Ji Woon won’t go haywire, because I really like his character 😦

      1. I have a mantra in my head every time Ji Woon appears on screen: “Please don’t turn evil and crazy. Please don’t turn evil and crazy.” Though really, I think his mom is going to be the evil and crazy one.

  2. Dong Joo didn’t know Dr. Yoon was Soo Won’s dad until after the hostage situation in the ER. The thing that’s throwing me off with this show is that they’re not having the characters focus on the things that I would deem important. For instance, we don’t see Dong Joo confront Dr. Yoon about being Soo Won’s dad. We don’t have Dong Joo tell Soo Won about the letters he did try to send. Also, I’m not liking the actress playing Soo Won so much.

  3. Thanks for the explanation Lee in, but see. . . I still do not get it. At least now I know that I did not really miss anything that was presented to me in the actual plot.

    I am certain that Soo Won would be devastated over knowing whose eyes she has, but is that really the reason to keep them apart? Is she more likely to find out that her father almost sorta tried to be a murderer if she is Dong Joo than if she isn’t? See this is what does not make sense. There is a real mystery here–the person who is behind the initial hit and run and the murder and probably behind the detective (another actor I love) having a sucky life,–which the drama could be playing up rather than creating fake angst. Wouldn’t you all like to see Dong Joo, Soo Won, and Ji Woon (along with the cop friend–who will end up with Ji Woon) bond together to solve this mystery rather than the writers creating some typical love triangle for tension? Who needs a love triangle for tension when there is a murderer on the loose?

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