POV DISCUSSION: Golden Cross Ep 14


Contray to my first impression of Golden Cross, I actually like the drama. There’s certainly a few things which I find bothering, but despite those, I would say I’m currently enjoying it.

In Episode 14, we see that the press conference didn’t go on as planned and that Congressman died. Can we just talk about how gross it is to die in an elevator? But that just shows Michael’s bad-ass level. Hah. It’s a totally different level from amateur Seo Dong Ha. We also get to see that Seo Yi Re is being watched, and the reporter goes missing.

If you’re asking me, rationally, this dramas has plenty of flaws. However, I find it watchable, and I like it enough to look past the flaws. We have roughly about 6 more episodes to go, and then I can welcome Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi for The Joseon Shooter. YESH!

No recaps for this – but I’m just going to do sort of a discussion, or you can call it my review.


First and foremost -I’m going to be pointing out the things I think are the flaws of the drama.

The characters are not interesting enough – I’m not saying the characters are boring, but it seems like they could do more with the characters, but the characters don’t have enough edge to them. My favorite character is actually Michael Jang. His character is interesting, and complex and unpredictable – so it’s quite fun and engaging watching his character.

However, I still feel that they could have done more to his character. I appreciated the Congressman’s death in this episode, because we know it’s Michael’s plan. They should have done something similar in earlier episodes  – because it’s like saying Michael is the main evil, but his character didn’t really do anything much instead of talking and making Seo Dong Ha do as he planned.

And where did Hong Sa Ra go to? It’s like she only appears when she’s needed. Isn’t she supposed to be the 2nd female lead?

As for Do Yoon and Yi Re…their characters are okay, but I wanted to see more edge.

Okay, this is no longer about characters alone, and we can say it’s the drama’s plot. I can understand Do Yoon’s anger and frustration, but his character is not consistent. He wants revenge, and we see that he gets close to Yi Re on purpose, but Yi Re got hurt and he felt sorry for her, and I guess he loved her too.

First of all – I don’t buy that love story. They hardly do anything much together, and even though they ‘dated’, I don’t feel the romance. It was too sloppily written.

Next, Do Yoon’s working for Michael. I don’t even know if that was necessary, but if it was, can someone tell me why he only worked on certain days? If they wanted him to stay by Michael’s side for him to plot revenge, I would expect him to do it without actually blowing his cover. But of course, Michael is smart, but you don’t really have to be smart to know. Who believed Do Yoon’s reason anyway? That he’s there to earn lots of money. Hah.

Simply put, the drama plot has a lot of issues. The characters come and go. They have so many characters – but all of them appear occasionally (excluding Do Yoon, Yi Re, Seo Dong Ha & Michael). I would prefer lesser characters, more interactions, more character developments. Most of the characters are used as a plot device, or rather to fill the gap when the storyline doesn’t match, or when they need something. It’s kind of irritating actually.

And I think they spent too much time on the earlier episodes disputing if Seo Dong Ha was the killer. If that was shorter, we could have more scenes between Do Yoon and Yi Re, and maybe the romance could have been written better. And if Do Yoon was going on a full-out revenge by pretending he has given it all up, I expect him to go undercover unsuspected. If not, I expect him to declare war without going ‘undercover’.

Well, that’s basically I feel about the drama.


I’m actually enjoying it though. Yeah – such an irony. From a logical and rational view point, it has quite a number of flaws, but like I said, I like it enough to look pass the flaws.

It’s fun to watch if I don’t nitpick about the details and just enjoy it for what it is. Since we know that most probably the bad guys will all get what they deserve, I can actually watch this with a calm mind and enjoy it. Hah.

Anyway – who do you think took the reporter away. I would say it’s either Michael or Hong Sa Ra. A car stopped beside him, and we didn’t get to see who was it – but it didn’t look like the reporter was forced or threatened, so it’s someone he knows, or maybe someone who has something he knows about. Lighter.

He knows that the person who saved him left a lighter, and it could have been either Michael or Sa Ra with the lighter and showing it to the reporter. Of course, this is just my guess. AHAHAHA. It might have nothing to do with the lighter and might just be somebody else.

The episode ended when Do Yoon is in the same car as Seo Dong Ha, with a gun. Woah. I expect answers from you drama, next episode. Like how he got a gun, and how he got there.

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