POV DISCUSSION: Big Man Last Review

I’ve finally finished watching Big Man~! Hoorays for actually completing a drama! Hahahaha. I haven’t completed any dramas yet since God’s Gift 14 Days – and Big Man is the first which I wrapped up. I’ll probably wrap up Golden Cross soon, and catch up with the rest.

I loved the last two episodes, and it tugged my heartstrings. It’s so funny how I was pretty much indifferent throughout the whole run, but dang the finale was a little bit touching and sweet. I think that all the actors in the drama did really well in their own roles, and I loved each character. It’s sad that we couldn’t see the good side of Dong Suk, because we only get a glimpse of him before he turned into a totally obsessive guy.

They actually killed off his character, and I was so sad 😦 But if he didn’t die, he would have ended up in prison anyway, so I guess…I prefer him dying because I’m genuinely sad for his character. Even though he’s obsessed about winning Ji Hyuk, it’s evident that he really loved Mi Ra a lot, and I just feel so sad, you know? He stayed outside Mi Ra’s house and messaged her a farewell sms, before driving off somewhere and dying along the way.

And there was also the scene of Jin Ah and Ji Hyuk meeting again and spending time together. IT WAS SO SAD 😦 Both of them just spent time together, and even though none of them said anything about the problems, it’s like….they know that they’re not in a position to meet each other and be close, and it was just so painful to watch 😦

Overall, I wouldn’t say it’s an excellent drama. It’s pretty much average, not as tense as other revenge dramas, but it does scores some points with me for certain parts. Like how Mi Ra doesn’t give in to Dong Suk’s threat and decide to marry him so that Ji Hyuk could be cleared of murder. She go and searched for dirt on Dong Suk instead. And how the character Ji Hyuk doesn’t go blind for revenge that he makes a complete personality change, it’s quite sweet that he remains the same loyal guy he is.

And Jin Ah basically scores a lot of points with me. I just love her character. Can some other dramas adopt that same character and have Jung So Min act it too? It was such an addictive character, and I want to see that kind of female lead. I think it would be fun.

And Manager Do actually helping out Ji Hyuk, and awww…..I know he likes Jin Ah, and it’s just so sweet how Jin Ah asked him where did the Manager Do she once knew went to.

So basically, the drama’s alright. Not addicting, but not exactly boring either.



One thought on “POV DISCUSSION: Big Man Last Review

  1. Thank you for review. Big man is my favourite drama. Can you take some picture in the review? Please…

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