POV DISCUSSION: King Of High School (Episode 3 – 6)

*Sorry – No pictures.

I still love this and YES I do. Side note: I’m just going to use ‘King of High School’ as the original title is too long. 

Personally, episode 3 & 4, kind of made my love dropped a little bit – but I still love the drama. The first two episodes blown me away and I was all over the show and just kept talking about how awesome it was. The important part is always what comes after the first impression – and if that level of fun could maintain throughout it’s run.

I find that Lee Ha Na might be trying a little too hard at her character – because in episode 3 & 4, it kind of irritated me. The way her character walked, talked, make faces and put her hands in her pockets. It was just majorly awkward and weird.

Maybe it’s just her character – but really, it’s awkward. The facial expressions are AWKWARD. However, it toned down a little in episode 5 & 6, so that’s a good thing.

Anyway, we now have Min Suk who hired Soo Young as his secretary, and Jin Woo who is trying to be on good terms with Soo Young.

I love how things are taking a new turn – and Soo Young is happy that Jin Woo is treating her so nicely, while Min Suk is majorly pissed. We also have Min Suk and Jin Woo, who become ‘enemies’.

The characters are interesting and we could relate to them.

Min Suk is impulsive, and easy-going. He’s the typical school student who does everything on a whim, and decides quickly as well as let things go easily. He forgives and forgets, gets angry easily – and it’s really just like any other students. His decisions and his actions – are all evidence that he is still a high school student.

Jin Woo, being a working adult, on top of the working ladder, is wary of others and more ‘petty’. We know that he is clearly unhappy when his dad give his project away to Min Suk, or when Min Suk voice out his opinions during his presentations.

It’s interesting because the two characters are in contrast with one another. I can’t say who’s right and who’s wrong – because no one is wrong, or right. As Min Suk is still young and doesn’t know how working life is supposed to be, it’s natural that he doesn’t have that ‘mask’ on while at work, and whatever he feels is whatever you see. He’s transparent.

Naturally, working adults tend to be more careful in relationships within the company, their actions and everything else. We’re always on our guard and sometimes we put on a mask.

Min Suk – is different.

He storms inside the president office to make a big fuss about Soo Young being fired. No matter how cool that scene was, it’s considered rude in reality. We can’t blame him though – because his character is a student, and he is impulsive.

I think that is what makes this drama interesting for me. Not just because of the funny interactions – but because we get to see the difference between a high school student and a working adult – and how both deal with situations and decisions.

At the end of episode 6, Min Suk hugged Soo Young. AWWWW. He probably wants to know if he had fallen for her – and yes, he probably did.

The preview shows us that he will ask Soo Young to come to him instead of Jin Woo, and it will be interesting how things turn out. Let’s keep in mind that he is a student, and the way he confesses and declares his love, would probably differ greatly from what an adult would do.

We’ll have to watch to know.

Anyway, the side characters are all pretty nice to watch too. I love the Team Manager Jo. He is absolutely hilarious, and Min Suk’s friends are annoying – in a good way.

Yoo Ah is actually a pretty nice character, and I like her. It’s so sweet of her to do the chores and be all nice when Soo Young lost her job, and we know she really likes Min Suk. She can be a little obsessive over Min Suk, but she’s a nice kid.

And Min Suk’s dad and grandfather relationship leaves me all warm inside. Hah.

To sum everything up, I love this show and I hope it continues to be fun and interesting, and let’s not let it go boring in second half. PLEASEEEEEE.

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