Finally, today I decided to catch up with movies instead of dramas – and I decided to watch Monster which stars Lee Min Ki and Kim Go Eun. From the initial synopsis, I thought that this was going to be a revenge drama, and I’ll see Lee Min Ki’s character and Kim Go Eun’s character fighting it out.

Sadly though, it’s far from what I expected and though not exactly a bad film – it was sort of weird, in a way. A little bit of sadist? I don’t know how to put it in words. Honestly, it was disappointing because I expected more, but the story plot doesn’t deliver and that upsets me a little.

It started off pretty alright, a little bit creepy – with a slight touch of comedy. However, somewhere along, the whole movie started to feel weird and I don’t even know if I’m actually watching a revenge killer film or not.

Let me just summarize a little bit about the movie – it will contain spoilers.

Bok Soon (Kim Go Eun) has a younger sister, and lives in the countryside. She’s a little bit slow, but she has a quick temper. Tae Soo is a killer, who gets called up by his step-brother after being out of contact, for a favor – to find a phone and kill the person who is blackmailing using the phone.

He kills the girl – but the girl has a younger sister. Tae Soo brought her home, and tells her to run away before he finishes a bottle of wine. He will kill whoever she asks help from.

That little girl ended up going to Bok Soon’s place, and one morning while the little girl was walking with Bok Soon’s sister, Tae Soo appears and kills Bok Soon’s sister. Bok Soon witnessed the scene of Tae Soo killing her sister.

Bok Soon and the little girl, end up sticking together.

What I thought would happen is that Bok Soon would seek revenge and battle it out with Tae Soo.

BUT…what happened was that, somehow the little girl got caught by Tae Soo and was brought to Seoul. Bok Soon chases them and saves her, and it sort of became a chasing game. Tae Soo’s step brother also brought in people to kill Tae Soo.

It’s hard to describe the drama – but there was so much hitting and blood, it felt gross. Not in a good way. And I really wanted Bok Soon and Tae Soo to battle it out. Well, they did for the last 5 or 10 minutes – but if you watch it, you wouldn’t consider that as a battle.

Overall, plot wise – I didn’t like it.

However, I do applaud Lee Min Ki and Kim Go Eun on their acting though. I’ve always adored Lee Min Ki, and he’s taking so much ‘dark’ roles lately. I need him back in a comedy or maybe some eye liner and a high school kid? AHAHAHA. His cameo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band still lingers around in my head.

vlcsnap-2014-07-09-00h55m41s175I’m impressed by Kim Go Eun. This is the first time I’m seeing her, and she’s like only 23! I’m very surprised, and this is like her second film? I’m not too sure about it – but her character wasn’t easy to act out, but she did it so flawlessly. I don’t think she has done any dramas, I do wish dramaland consider her someday, because she’s such a talent and I’m a fan already.

So, I don’t regret watching the movie since I get to see Lee Min Ki and discover Kim Go Eun. It’s not a bad film, just maybe a little awkward? Too much blood and probably not for young kids.


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