FIRST IMPRESSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 1 & 2


I don’t know how to talk about this – but this drama is definitely different from most dramas. I can’t really find the right words to describe it, but the whole approach of this drama is different from other dramas. It’s interesting in a way, but I can’t say for sure if I would like it or not.

However, I do think that the characters are all interesting enough to keep me interested in watching the drama. Honestly, I’m quite surprised with the laid-back approach the drama takes, even those sex-related jokes. It just seems weird that a prime-time drama is that laid-back, because usually broadcast stations don’t air such dramas at those timing. Usually they would air these kind of dramas much later, around 11pm. It doesn’t matter to me though.

I like the whole idea of home-share, and the characters being roommates. Well, basically, there’s pretty much enough things to make this drama worth a try, and of course Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin, and everyone else actually is being great in their own roles.

I’m not going to do recaps for the drama, and most probably I won’t do discussions either, but there is one thing bothering me and it’s a major spoiler, so people please do not read if you don’t want to ruin your viewing experience.

Okay – I’m a fan of EXO, thus I was both excited and worried about Kyungsoo’s advancement into acting. I admit that I never liked idols crossing over to acting, and only a handful can actually act. Kyungsoo doesn’t have much scenes, so I wouldn’t comment much on him – but because I follow the fandom, I accidentally came across a huge major spoiler which sort of pisses me off.

It certainly affected my viewing experience, and will continue affecting me for the episodes to come.




I came across this: SPOILER

I don’t know what to say about this. It’s amazing that they actually noticed it this early, but honestly, I would have preferred not knowing till the time for me to find out. We still don’t know if it’s true – but….. there is a high chance of it being true, and I’m sad that I came across such a spoiler 😦

2 thoughts on “FIRST IMPRESSION: It’s Okay It’s Love Episode 1 & 2

  1. Ohhh!! I’ve read the spoiler post and it makes sense now 0_0 especially in the club scene, I didn’t understood why he was there, but reading that, kind of makes sense.

    1. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yup, the spoiler kind of fits everything into place, especially like why he doesn’t have a lot of scenes.

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